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Article: Are You Allergic To Silver And Gold Jewelry? Here Is What You Can Do

Are You Allergic To Silver And Gold Jewelry? Here Is What You Can Do - DSF Antique Jewelry

Are You Allergic To Silver And Gold Jewelry? Here Is What You Can Do

Are you allergic to classic silver and gold jewelry? What can you do if this is the situation, but you love these types of jewels?

First of all, you should know that, in their pure state, gold and silver are non-allergenic, so you're unlikely to end up with rashes, eczema, and itching from them.

However, many women complain of these reactions when wearing bracelets, earrings, necklaces, or rings made from gold and silver. Allergic reactions actually occur because of other metals in jewelry.

Pure gold and silver are too soft to be fashioned as jewelry, so alloys are added, usually nickel, which is highly reactive, especially in contact with sensitive skin. Nickel is most commonly used in gold and silver alloys for two fundamental reasons: firstly, it makes them harder and more resistant over time, and secondly, it gives them shine.

So, in this way, the silver and gold jewelry will look better, but it also increases the risk of allergies, especially for people with sensitive skin.

Allergic To Silver & Gold Jewelry - The Symptoms

Symptoms of allergy to metals in jewelry can be easily recognized. Firstly, a rash appears in the contact area, usually, a day after the jewelry is put on. Red spots, itching, runny nose, sneezing, and tearing may also occur, according to Ok Magazine.

Most symptoms go away as soon as you take the gold or silver jewelry pieces off, but the rash takes longer to heal - about two weeks. If you continue to wear the gold or silver jewelry, the rash may spread to a larger body area. It is also recommended that you see a dermatologist to recommend treatment, as untreated skin can become darker in the area of contact.

What Jewelry To Wear If You Are Allergic To Gold & Silver

Of course, you can still wear jewelry if you have an allergy, but you should pay attention to the metal it is made of.

If you insist on wearing gold or silver jewelry, make sure the metal is as pure as possible. So, look for jewelry made from the cleanest metals possible, and see if the allergy still persists or not. You can choose silver jewelry with the 925 hallmark, or jewels made of 24-carat gold, which is 99% pure.

If you are allergic to silver and gold jewelry, you can always choose titanium and platinum jewelry. Titanium is non-allergenic, and its alloys are aluminum and vanadium, also non-allergenic.

Titanium is light and durable, but also highly resistant to corrosion and can be worn in salt water, according to

Platinum is another safe material with no allergic potential. So, maybe it's a good idea to buy rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces made of platinum.

Copper jewelry is one of the options. Copper is a metal with a very low allergenic potential and for this reason, is an option to consider. As well as looking great, jewelry made from copper has several benefits you'll be delighted with.

But make sure your jewelry is made from the cleanest copper possible, because here too, alloys are often used to increase its strength and shine. From copper, the skin may take on a greenish tinge in the contact area, but this is a sign that the metal is clean, not of allergy.

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