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Article: Bergere Jewelry - Mysterious & Elegant Traditional Style Jewels

Bergere Jewelry - Mysterious & Elegant Traditional Style Jewels - DSF Antique Jewelry
Bergere Jewelry

Bergere Jewelry - Mysterious & Elegant Traditional Style Jewels

The jewelry world is rich and abounding in brands, and some manage to stand out with something special. This is certainly true for the wonderful Bergere jewelry.

Bergere is a well-known brand with a history of working with other high-end companies to create elaborate pieces using materials like diamonds, gold, platinum, and genuine pearls.

The Bergere brand of jewelry was produced from 1947 to 1979.

Bergere Jewelry – The Journey

An interesting fact: Bergere jewelry was made by two companies, both founded by Jack Pohls: L. Erbert & Pohls Inc. and Bergère Inc. But with two different markings.

L. Erbert & Pohls Inc. was founded in New York in 1940 and Bergère Inc. was created several years later in Providence, Rhode Island.

In 1972, Bergère Inc. was sold to a company named Amtel, but jewelry was reportedly produced under the same brand until 1979.

Bergere jewelry stands out for its premium components and elegant designs.

The fact that products bearing the Bergere label were often featured on the pages of fashion publications and on advertising posters also contributed to their notoriety.

Pohls created exquisite necklaces, bracelets, pins, and earrings with the help of faux pearls, gemstones, gilding, copper, and other metals.

Bergere jewelry was sold at Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, and Marshall Fields stores.

After working for almost 40 years, Bergère Inc. shut down in 1979.

All Bergere jewelry is vintage and desirable for collectors and lovers of costume jewelry.
Bergere Jewelry Traditional Style Jewels
Bergere Jewelry Markings

Bergere jewelry was produced with two different markings.

L. Erbert & Pohls Inc. made jewelry with the brand "Berge" from 1946 until 1948.

Additionally, Pohs' second business, Bergere Inc., began using the "Bergere" mark in 1948.

The typeface and appearance of the marks for the two lines created by these affiliated companies are extremely similar.

Despite their similarity, Bergere jewelry is found much more frequently than "Berge".

One thing to keep in mind is that matching components for some of the types labeled "Berge" can be found marked "Bergere".

Since both styles have the 1940s feel to them, this most likely occurred during the era of transition between Pohs' two businesses.

Creation & Styles Of Bergere Jewelry Pieces

Every jewelry designer is always trying to make his mark as visibly as possible on his creations and, of course, on the complex jewelry scene.

The most popular designs, particularly with the early Bergere jewelry produced by Pohs' enterprises are formed of chain links made of metal that has been either silver- or gold-plated.

Later looks feature massive necklaces or sets fashioned with huge rhinestones.

Over time, the styles evolved along with changing fashion trends.

There are numerous beaded patterns available as well, including traditional single-strand examples and multi-strand designs with gold-plated spheres dotted about.

Beautiful brooches with this stamp can also be purchased in a variety of styles as part of the Bergere jewelry collection. Look for abstract metal elements and starburst shapes with rhinestone accents.

A few jewels featuring vivid insects and flowers fashioned of enamel were also created.

To match other patterns, many pairs of matching earrings were created.

If you look hard enough, you can find atomic designs with cabochon highlights, vivid enamels, and those that match the chainlink accessories.

Of course, necklace and bracelet sets are part of the Bergere jewelry collection. They are particularly great finds and frequently go for fair rates.

The most common jewelry pieces with Bergere marking are bracelets, which are often made of chain links of various lengths and widths.

On rare occasions, rhinestones may also be added to the older "Berge" bracelets.
Bergere Jewelry Style Jewels
Interesting Facts About Bergere Jewelry

Even though research clearly demonstrates that these pieces are American-made, Bergere jewelry pieces are occasionally marketed as if they were created in France due to the French-sounding name.

Many antique costume jewelry manufacturers would give American-made jewelry more exotic-sounding brand or line names in order to better market their jewels.

With a history spanning more than 70 years, Bergere Inc. designed its own jewelry with enigmatic and exquisite traditional style as well as distinctive features.

Although there is little information available about Bergere Inc., jewelry historians have observed that a 1957 advertisement for Bergere jewelry lists a New York City address.

This would mean that at the time, Bergere Inc. had showrooms in New York and manufactured in Providence.

A Wise Choice

Pohls' creations are coveted by both collectors and lovers of beauty.

In fact, you don't even have to think long to purchase these jewels. Why? Because the finesse and beauty of these Bergere pieces will surely enchant you.

An evening of dancing. A romantic dinner with your partner. An anniversary. Or you simply like to dress up and look stylish.

Maybe you're invited to a wedding or maybe it's your wedding. And the dress you've chosen is ravishing and the hairstyle is exquisite.

It doesn't matter. Whatever the occasion, Bergere jewelry is always a wise choice and, in some situations, could be the "cherry on top".
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