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Article: Brooches Are Trendy Again. How To Wear Them With Style

Brooches Are Trendy Again. How To Wear Them With Style - DSF Antique Jewelry

Brooches Are Trendy Again. How To Wear Them With Style

Brooches are "immortal" jewelry, special accessories that help you stand out. This is especially true now. During the post-pandemic revenge dressing, they are making a grand comeback!

Brooches Are No Longer Considered "Grandmother's Pins"

For quite some time, brooches remained in the shadows, being associated with the "good dresses" of grandmother and the Deux-pieces suits that she wears only on very special occasions. But now, brooches are knowing a revival, they are no longer seen as our grandmothers' accessories.

Their mere presence on a jacket, a dress, or a coat will tell you something about the woman who wears them. Each piece of jewelry has its role, but the brooch is the piece of jewelry that is noticed immediately. Moreover, it will add elegance or uniqueness to your outfit.

The brooch has been an accessory owned by women since the time of ancient civilizations. However, there have been times when they have simply been forgotten in jewelry boxes. This is no longer the case!

Big names in the fashion world, such as Miuccia Prada, Dolce & Gabanna, Balenciaga, Gucci, Chanel, and Versace have brought the brooches back to the attention of all fashion lovers, incorporating them in the latest collections and style guides.

So, we believe that they never go out of style, and their inclusion in your jewelry and accessories collection is a must.

diamond brooch are deco

Brooches - Functional And Yet Decorative

Unlike most jewelry pieces, brooches are not only decorative items but also functional. You can use them as a closure to a coat, to fix a scarf, or, why not, on a trendy bag.

Also, while a ring can only be worn on the finger or, in the most "creative" case - on a chain around the neck, a bracelet can be worn only on the wrist or, in the bravest case, around the ankle, a brooch offers you a lot of possibilities to experiment, to find out what you like and to express your mood.

In addition, brooches can be of any size or shape - from the smallest and most discreet to the culminating expressions of designers' creativity. The Duchess of Windsor, for example, notably adopted a "bigger is better" approach when it came to her brooches.

Wearing A Brooch Is A Great Way To Personalize Any Outfit

Brooches are also perfect for women who usually do not like to wear jewelry. If a ring, a bracelet, or a pair of voluminous earrings bother you or you feel that they are "too much" for your style, a brooch placed on a coat, scarf, belt, or the buckle on your pants, bag, or shoes you may be an option. Its impact is certain, and it will turn a simple outfit into an original one.

On top of this, you will attract admiring looks and compliments - it's a win-win situation!

This is especially true if you opt for unique designer brooches, made of innovative materials. Sometimes they may have a much stronger impact even than a gold or silver brooch with precious or semi-precious stones. They often have a creative glamourous design, which allows you to highlight the most beautiful sides of your personality and your unique style.

Recommendations For Wearing Your Favorite Brooches With Style And Creativity

Usually, brooches are worn 10-15 cm below the shoulder and are very suitable when wearing men's tailored clothes. Brooches are worn on the left side.

You can place them on the lapel of a jacket or cardigan, on a scarf or on the knot of a scarf, on a hat, or on the sleeve (every time you move your hand, your brooch will be noticed).

The place where you place the brooch is also the one that gives it value and dictates the look of the outfit and the message you want to convey. Not all garments work well with a brooch attached to the collar. Buttons are by nature waiting to be accessorized with such a piece of jewelry.

gems brooch

Eight Ideas On How To Wear A Brooch

- The first, the simplest, but also the most important rule about how to wear the brooch: the contrast between the brooch and the outfit is very important. For light-colored clothes, choose a brooch in bright, strong colors and vice versa - choose a light-toned brooch for dark materials.

- Take into consideration the contrast when choosing the size of the brooch you match with an outfit - if it's the only piece of jewelry you wear, you can let your imagination run wild, but if you match it with other pieces, keep the focus on the brooch and avoid wearing pieces larger or more colorful than the brooch.

- Look for brooches in the shapes and colors that represent you and complement your style. This way will be much easier for you to integrate them into your favorite outfits. You can choose from an unlimited number of options: floral, vegetable, insect or animal brooches, geometric, abstract, and many more.

-  A brooch that is small, if placed in a hidden place may go unnoticed, while a brooch that is too large or too heavy on a dress made of thin, delicate material will sag and form unsightly creases. This won't look good, so avoid this situation.

- When choosing a brooch, think about the pieces of clothing you already have and how you can match the brooch with them - the brooch is an accessory for your clothes, not the other way around!

Inspect your wardrobe - an old dress forgotten on a hanger or a simple T-shirt thrown in the corner of the closet can become a staple of a new outfit if you match them with the right brooch or brooches.

- Don't necessarily limit yourself to only one brooch for an outfit - combine them, play with them, write a story with them and wear it with you, tell everyone.

- Even if you are not a fan of accessory collections - it is important to have at least two brooches among your favorite jewelry - one for elegant occasions and outfits and one casual, for everyday outfits.




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