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Article: Coco Chanel: Rare & Collectible Chanel Jewelry

Coco Chanel Gripoix

Coco Chanel: Rare & Collectible Chanel Jewelry

Coco Chanel Jewelry

The iconic Chanel is known for quality pieces—the griopix, statement bags, the bold yet elegant faux pearls, shoes and much more. When you wear a chic and timeless piece created by Mlle Chanel, you, yourself become timeless. Chanel's costume jewelry and fashion created a revolution in the 20th century and has transformed our perception on how we view it. 

Coco Chanel promoted faux jewelry. Using base metal, beads, faux pearls and stones, she designed more casual pieces to be worn during the day. Being less expensive ( or more affordable ) women were able to be more creative with more options to accessorize and individualize their wardrobe.

Legendary Coco Chanel continued to be a lifelong customer of the House of Gripoix, all the way until her passing. It was this relationship that shaped Gripoix, and firmly cemented the house as the standard for the highest quality glass jewelry in the world of fashion and glamor.

Vintage pieces now more than ever are desired by younger generation, especially the 1990's Collections. Pieces from that era demand high prices due to their rarity and collectibility.  

Below we are featuring rare items of Chanel jewelry. 

Collectible Unique Chanel Jewelry 


Vintage Coco Chanel Glass Beads Necklace


Rare Coco Chanel Gripoix Pearl Bow Necklace

Coco Chanel Gripoix Pearl Bow Necklace

Rare 1930’s Coco CHANEL Gripoix Poured Glass Faux Turquoise Necklace Earrings Set 



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