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Article: Countess Cissy Zoltowska Jewelry: Femininity and Exuberance

Countess Cissy Zoltowska Jewelry: Femininity and Exuberance - DSF Antique Jewelry

Countess Cissy Zoltowska Jewelry: Femininity and Exuberance

Countess Cissy Zoltowska - a name that is synonymous with elegance and refinement - was an exceptional artist that became world-famous due to her fascinating jewelry designs.

The brilliant designer spent most of her life creating intricate jewelry pieces, clothing, and unique home furnishings. She spoke six languages, loved exploring the world's culture, traveling, and sports.

Born in Austria and raised in a castle, Cissy was forced to move during World War II. She moved to Switzerland, where she married an elegant but poor Polish count.

Her first ceramic jewelry was sold very well. Between 1950 and 1960, she designed about 300 types of jewelry pieces, most of which were true works of art.

Countess Cissy Zoltowska - from Paris to New York

Later, when Cissy Zoltowska arrived in Paris, she impressed the public with her exquisite creations, designing jewelry and dresses for wealthy clients. Famous designers such as Cristóbal Balenciaga, Pierre Balmain, Jacques Fath, James Galanos, etc were very interested in her creations. She collaborated for 14 years with Balenciaga.
The countess not only created jewelry but also costumes for Parisian theaters, and her creations were highly appreciated, as evidenced by her frequent appearances on the covers of Vogue, Paris Match, or Harper's Bazaar. 

Her creations were later exported from France to department stores in New York. Cissy Zoltowska eventually moved to the United States in 1967, further establishing her reputation as a brilliant creative artist and designer.

The Distinctive Style of Countess Cissy Zoltowska

The most distinctive feature of her jewelry design is the beautiful combination of colored stones such as olive green, pink and yellow.

Particularly known for her elaborate bib-style necklaces, Countess Cissy Zoltowska created dynamic and unusual pieces that often incorporated surprising color combinations of rhinestones. The earrings she made were long and often had large designs.

Countess Cissy Zoltowska’s exciting and enchanting jewelry pieces are feminine and floral, and often elaborate and exuberant.
One of her most known creations is the famous "Dandelion", a puffball brooch with brilliant glass stones, or the custom bracelet she made in Paris for Helena Rubenstein in the late 50s. The silver wide bracelet is studded with emerald, sapphire, and ruby cabochons as well as moonstones and agates from Sri Lanka and Thailand.

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