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Article: Custom Cufflinks - Short History And Features

Custom Cufflinks - Short History And Features - DSF Antique Jewelry
Antique Cufflinks

Custom Cufflinks - Short History And Features

Custom cufflinks are a male accessory that has been used for centuries, since the post-Renaissance period, and over time have acquired a particular variety.. 

First appearing among English gentry who loved to embellish their garments, cufflinks were initially in the form of two ornamental buttons held together with a chain link.
They were generally made of gold or silver and embellished with precious stones that only the noblemen could afford, so this accessory became a way of distinguishing the upper class from the lower classes of society.

There is evidence of a strong presence of cufflinks even in elegant sports par excellence, such as golf and tennis.

Custom cufflinks can always be a perfect gift to offer to men who prefer classic and elegant attire, they become not only a clothing accessory but also a jewel that gives the wearer elegance and refinement.

Whether you want to give a gift to your fiancé, groom, father, or colleague, choosing a pair of gold custom cufflinks is always the right answer.

For this, however, it is good to know that custom cufflinks come in different designs and the way to use them differs from model to model.

The Most Common Types Of Custom Cufflinks

Torpedo cufflinks are the most popular type of cufflinks and are very easy to wear. Formed from a torpedo-shaped capsule, they have a clip that is inserted into the cufflink and released into the opposite cufflink. The capsule then needs to be rotated on its axis until it returns to its position. In this way, it can be attached to the shirt. Whale-tail cufflinks: these small jewels are shaped like a whale's tail which is inserted upside down and then turned back into its original position. Naturally, you should take care when turning the decorated side of the personalized cufflinks outwards. Bar cufflinks: made up of two fixed heads, they are linked together by a fixed bar and have two decorated faces. Chain cufflinks: connected by a small chain clasp, they have decorations on both sides. They are great to wear with a fancy suit as they are very elegant. To wear them, simply insert one side into the buttonhole and pull it from the opposite side. Each buttonhole will remain attached to its own chain. 

Custom Cufflinks - Designer’s Tips

In general, one of the most classic gifts is custom cufflinks with initials, as they maintain a high level of elegance.

You can add an extra touch of elegance by choosing to engrave your initials in gold or silver, but without going overboard. Preferably choose square, oval and slim shapes, and if you choose yellow gold instead of white gold, make sure beforehand that it matches other accessories such as the watch or belt buckle.

Classic or modern, in gold or silver, custom cufflinks are sure to be the ideal gift for a stylish and confident man.

We invite you to choose one or more of the fancy designs of custom cufflinks displayed in our virtual showcase, which you can find here: Search: 10 results found for "cufflinks*" | DSF Antique Jewelry

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