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Article: De Liguoro Jewelry – A Touch Of Excellence, Perfection, And Sophistication

De Liguoro Jewelry – A Touch Of Excellence, Perfection, And Sophistication - DSF Antique Jewelry

De Liguoro Jewelry – A Touch Of Excellence, Perfection, And Sophistication

De Liguoro jewelry is one of the most famous "Made in Italy" brands of costume jewelry, noted for its excellent craftsmanship and high quality.

These outstanding and sophisticated creations were made by Gianni De Liguoro, one of the best Italian costume jewelry designers that helped Italian prêt-à-porter in the 1980s seem glamorous.

The designer of De Liguoro jewelry contributed to the history of Italian workmanship by bridging the gap between tradition and modernity.

De Liguoro Jewelry - Glimpses Of History

A Neapolitan family with long-standing aristocratic ties that immigrated to the capital of the Lombardy region in the 1930s gave birth to Gianni De Liguoro in Milan, in 1938.

After his initial schooling in haute couture, a business in which his family has been engaged for centuries, he went to the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.

Gianni De Liguoro spent his formative years studying the art of tailoring from his parents, surrounded by materials and the wonder of creation.

After finishing his studies, the creator of De Liguoro jewelry married Angela Locatelli in 1962 and made the decision to establish the DELI company in Milan to create little plastic beauty items.

His works were immediately a huge hit, so he quickly moved to design little bijoux.

De Liguoro, who has always enjoyed experimenting, has continuously pushed himself throughout his professional career by first trying his hand at creating gadgets — replicas of Calimero's inventions.

In 1971, Gianni, who was already quite active in the arts, worked with painter and illustrator Mario Moletti on the design of four "talisman" necklaces in white and copper metal that were manufactured in limited quantities for an advertisement promoting the Ramazzotti brand's Fior di Vite grappa.

Also, in the 1970s, De Liguoro established Voi da Noi, a Milan showroom allowing clients, wholesalers, and merchants to purchase jewelry themselves by selecting items from baskets.

That was a completely original concept at the time, and it became a great success right away. Gianni received widespread acclaim in the key editorials of the 1970s.

Since the 1980s, the process of creating De Liguoro jewelry has been unstoppable.

De Liguoro Jewelry – A Touch Of Excellence,

The pioneer of Made-in-Italy products Clara Centinaro, who designed clothing for numerous princesses and first ladies around the world, noticed the designer of De Liguoro jewelry in 1980 and brought him to the world of high fashion and fashion shows.

Clara Centinaro then provided Gianni with opportunities to work with notable figures in the fashion industry, including Alberta Ferretti, Trussardi, Gai Mattiolo, Cavalli, Rocco Barocco, Renato Balestra, and Fausto Sarli.

He also contributed to the Miss Italy pageant in the 1980s, crafting the show's queens' most exquisite crowns in history, according to Europa Star.

The jewel button, which was reintroduced in the 1980s and 1990s, represents a significant point in De Liguoro's history. Gianni stands out as one of the most inventive designers in this field by proposing the pairing of the button and bijoux and working closely with Gai Mattiolo on the subject for a considerable amount of time.

In the same years, a line of eyewear that was visibly rich in gems and rhinestones as well as a priceless assortment of wristwatches was also introduced.

Gianni De Liguoro died in 2021.

Continuous Experimentation

The supplies used to make De Liguoro jewelry are outstanding, and reflect the fact that beauty can also be achieved by employing raw hemp, mirrors, French jet boho black cameos, or an extremely thin aluminum plate.

Every piece of De Liguoro jewelry is matched with special attention to detail to achieve an incredible aesthetic and formal perfection thanks to his ingenuity, sculptural skills, and expertise in dealing with various materials.

De Liguoro Jewelry – A Touch Of Excellence, vintage

According to critics, De Liguoro's jewelry is an interpretation of the sumptuousness, elegance, and luxury of Italian fashion in the final 20 years of the 20th century, a crucial time for the dissemination of "Made in Italy" throughout the world.

Gianni De Liguoro's inventiveness has been unstoppable since the 1980s, and his jewels, despite being primarily sold through the wholesale network, achieved great success and widespread resemblance in the major editorials of the 1970s thanks to the lines that were inspired by antique jewelry made of satin-finished metal plates, glass pastes, and crystals with rough cuts or cabochons, as well as with the use of textile materials.

De Liguoro Jewelry Collections


With a play of hues, reflections, and sparkles, the De Liguoro jewelry series Luce accentuates the purity and brilliance of crystal. It is framed in gold.

This collection is "a rich and varied collection made for everyone and for all occasions," with products ideal for a gala dinner and products for daytime, for straightforward, professional looks, and for flamboyant ones, according to


Another De Liguoro jewelry collection is Chandelier, which, through the expert blending of extremely light, high-quality resins and crystals of exquisite purity, expertly constructed in geometries of strong contrasts, celebrates light and the wonder of its reflections.

We are talking about beautiful pieces of jewelry made to disperse light reflections like a prism and return to the viewer's sight a captivating kaleidoscope of patterns and hues.

This collection consists of jewelry that is lavish, spectacular, and bright, heavily influenced by the vibrancy and worldliness of Art Deco.

This line's clusters, spirals, and sparkling chandeliers bring to life this style's "more than contemporary" thirst for the new and rediscovered joie de vivre.


For more than fifty years, Gianni De Liguoro has introduced his unique designs to the fashion world.

Today, De Liguoro jewelry is sought after all over the world by both collectors and people who simply appreciate jewelry.

It is understandable, considering the beauty, finesse, and depth of De Liguoro jewelry.

Some jewelry is made to dominate time and space, and De Liguoro jewelry definitely falls into this category.

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