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Article: Delve Into The Mysteries And Beauty Of Vintage Ruby Jewelry

Delve Into The Mysteries And Beauty Of Vintage Ruby Jewelry - DSF Antique Jewelry

Delve Into The Mysteries And Beauty Of Vintage Ruby Jewelry

Surely you wish you could stir up whispers when you go to a party and shine brightly like a star. Vintage ruby jewelry may be your answer.

Some believe that the ruby is the stone of health, while others believe it is the stone of fulfilled love. Hindus say that the ruby emerged from a fire in the middle of the earth and is the most precious stone.

Because of its quality and beauty, vintage ruby jewelry can bring out even more of a woman's elegance and finesse.

How To Assess The Value Of Vintage Ruby Jewelry

The price of vintage ruby jewelry increases according to the quality, which is given by the “4 C's”, similar to diamonds. The difference lies in the order of their importance: color, carat, clarity, and cut.

If you keep this order in mind, when you want to buy vintage ruby jewelry, you'll know the difference between a natural gemstone and an artificial one.

Also, the signature or the designer will definitely have an important say in the value of vintage ruby jewelry.

What Are The "4 C’s"

1. Color

It is the most important quality of a ruby. The deep-red color is the most prized, so light pink ruby is considered inferior.

The three aspects to consider when choosing vintage ruby jewelry are hue, saturation, and tone.

2. Carats

As with other gemstones, the weight of rubies is measured in carats. So the bigger the ruby, the higher the price per carat. Large rubies, which are a delight for jewelers, are very rare, and for this reason they are more expensive.

3. Clarity

Rubies are defined by inclusions, and their price also varies according to the inclusions they show. How visible they are, the size, and the number of these inclusions.

Specifically, small inclusions contribute positively to the value and appearance of vintage ruby jewelry, while large inclusions detract from the value of the gemstone.

4. The Cut

The most common shapes of rubies are oval, round, pear, and emerald. These are determined when the ruby is mined and analyzed in its raw form.

Some Tips To Recognize A Genuine Ruby

First of all, these precious gemstones have silvery reflections due to titanium dioxide particles. This property is called asterism.

Also, as you rotate the ruby, you'll notice small bright sparkles that appear in reaction to the light.

Lightly scratching the ruby with another stone is another test. If it scratches lightly, the stone is not genuine.

How To Identify Vintage Ruby Jewelry

It is not difficult to recognize vintage ruby jewelry. You just have to take into consideration a few key points.

The first criterion by which a piece of jewelry can be classified as being vintage is its age. Specifically, it must be at least 20 years old.

Another criterion is the model. Even though some models have been reproduced, vintage ruby jewelry is of much better quality, it has a past, it has a story and it has memories.

How To Maintain Vintage Ruby Jewelry

To make the most of the beneficial properties of rubies, it is necessary to clean them twice a month.

You need lukewarm water, pH-neutral soap, and a brush with fine bristles. After washing, leave the ruby to dry on a piece of paper for at least 2-3 hours to recharge with energy from sunlight or moonlight.

If you don't wear vintage ruby jewelry permanently, be sure to store the piece in a separate place from your other jewelry to avoid scratching the stone.

The History Of The Ruby

The first mention of the ruby appears in the writings of ancient India, more than 4000 years ago. Its name means "red" in Latin and "king of gemstones" in Sanskrit, and it is considered one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world, alongside diamonds and pearls.

The gemstone is found on all continents (including Greenland), except Antarctica. The purest rubies are those collected from Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka.

In the Middle Ages, the ruby was said to have many magical powers, and later, the ruby adorned many emblems of royal houses around the world. Therefore, quality vintage ruby jewelry could also give you the pleasant feeling of belonging to a royal house.

Therapeutic Properties Of Vintage Ruby Jewelry

It is said that the owner of a ruby jewel can enjoy the positive effects of the stone for thinking and concentration.

Also, vintage ruby jewelry can support the wisdom of the wearer and help improve optimism.

At the same time, a ruby can help develop creativity and improve relationships with those around you.

Some believe that ruby stones can improve vision and blood circulation problems.

Vintage Ruby Jewelry And The Zodiac Signs

Although believed to bring good luck to all wearers, the ruby stone is a true talisman for Capricorn, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Cancer, Leo, and Taurus.

In addition, you can wear vintage ruby jewelry if you have the number 3 in your date of birth (or were born on the 12th or 21st), or if you were born on a Tuesday or in the Year of the Pig in the Chinese Zodiac.

The Most Famous Rubies

The world's most famous rubies have stood out for their size, price, or lucky owner.

Some of these rubies are:

1. The legendary Nawata Ruby said to be the largest in the world - 496.5 carats

2. Edward Ruby - 167 carats

3. Rosser-Reeves Ruby, 138.7 carats and can be admired at the Smithsonian Museum

4. As for the world's most expensive ruby, it was sold at auction in 2015. Named "Ruby Sunrise", the gemstone is 25.68 carats and is set on a gold ring, along with two side diamonds. It fetched $30 million.

Simple Reasons To Buy Vintage Ruby Jewelry

Vintage ruby jewelry is a popular gift for those celebrating 15 and 40 years of marriage. It is said that such a gift symbolizes love and affection for your partner.

Also, vintage ruby jewelry can be given as birthday gifts.

Or maybe your girlfriend is into vintage stuff. A gift like this would certainly brighten her day.

What reflects a woman's elegance? Her attire, attitude, smile, and personal charm? The dress she chooses? The lipstick of choice? Yes, all of these, but vintage ruby jewelry will definitely add a touch of glamour to these qualities by the simplicity and beauty it exudes all around.

Vintage natural gemstones, especially those of high quality and very large sizes, are by no means cheap.

However, if you're willing to go with a smaller stone, you can find incredibly beautiful vintage ruby jewelry with a pleasing, regal, prestigious, and exquisite hue at an affordable price.

Vintage ruby jewelry is also a great alternative to diamonds because it offers such a warm and optimistic color.

Should you buy vintage ruby jewelry? Absolutely. It's a purchase that can't go wrong. As a gift for a loved one, or perhaps you want to brighten someone's day. It can be the perfect gift for a romantic date.  It is the moment to enjoy this delicate stone, charged with energy and with a story and many memories behind it.

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