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Article: DeRosa Jewelry - A Journey Into The Land Of Charm, Elegance & Uniqueness

DeRosa Jewelry - A Journey Into The Land Of Charm, Elegance & Uniqueness - DSF Antique Jewelry
DeRosa Jewelry

DeRosa Jewelry - A Journey Into The Land Of Charm, Elegance & Uniqueness

The jewelry world is very rich but some creations stand out more than others, and DeRosa jewelry is no exception to this rule.

DeRosa brand is known for its three-dimensional layered designs, high-quality components, translucent enameling, and unusual color combinations.

Also, DeRosa's jewelry designs include floral, figural, retro motifs, and designs inspired by the precious jewelry of the era.

DeRosa Jewelry - A Brief History

These graceful jewels are the creation of Ralph DeRosa, who was born in 1884 into a family of jewelers in Naples, Italy.

Ralph DeRosa inherited the family business and ran it successfully until 1905 when he emigrated to America - "the land of opportunities" - because he intended to greatly broaden his own horizons.

As expected, Ralph brought with him to the United States the Old World traditions of jewelry design and manufacture, which will later be reflected in the wonderful DeRosa jewelry.

After a lot of difficulties, in 1934, he founded the Ralph DeRosa Company, one of the first retailers of fine costume jewelry in New York City.

Many DeRosa jewelry designs were offered for sale to department retailers like J.C. Penney and Sears & Roebuck, who then added their own paper hang tags to the jewelry.

An interesting fact is that, in 1949, Elsa Schiaparelli licensed Ralph’s company to make jewelry stamped or tagged "Designed in Paris-Created in America."

The romanticism and complexity of Venetian lace served as the inspiration for the brand's debut collection, "Meeting in Venice."

Ralph DeRosa died in 1942, and his wife Virginia and daughters Vera and Teresa successfully operated the business until 1970.

Like many other jewelry makers of the period, 1940s DeRosa jewelry is the most famous and highly sought after.

Designs And Designers Of DeRosa Jewelry

As you well know, the activity of every jewelry maker is characterized by a creative process, designs, and also a series of characteristic pieces.

In the case of DeRosa jewelry, we can speak of unique pieces like huge floral brooches and fur clips with any combination of rhinestones, synthetic gems and pearls, translucent enameling, gold-plated metal, and sterling silver.

Still, throughout his career, Ralph DeRosa repeatedly returned to the subject of Venetian lace.

Ralph was the lead designer until his death, at which time his daughter, Vera, became the lead designer.

Hand-painted images were used in the initial design phase. These tiny pieces of artwork frequently came with handwritten instructions on how to make each one.

The DeRosa jewelry designs appear to have been created by several different painters due to the range of painting methods used in them.

Many jewelry designers never started their work on paper, but for those that did, the illustrations reveal the ideas and sense of design that were used to create the jewelry.
Materials Used In DeRosa jewelry

Like all jewelry designers, Ralph carefully chose the materials he used to best serve his goal: the creation of beautiful masterpieces.

Therefore, DeRosa jewelry includes materials like rhinestones, synthetic diamonds, emeralds, amethysts, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and topaz.

Also, Ralph used simulated pearls, gemstone-colored glass, enamel, silver plate, gold plate, sterling silver, and sterling vermeil (layer of gold over sterling silver).

Collectible DeRosa Jewelry Pieces

The jewelry collection left behind by Ralph DeRosa is impressive and charming, but, of course, everyone will appreciate the value of his pieces depending on their taste, preference, or training in the complex field of jewelry.

Ralph’s company made jewelry in New York City from the mid-1930s until the 1970s, but their 1940s jewelry is the best.

Collecting DeRosa jewelry is not for the impatient, but it is for those who revel in the treasure hunt and the thrill of victory.

Here Are Some Of Ralph DeRosa’s Collectible Pieces:

- The "Sterling and Sapphire Blue Rhinestone Brooch" includes spherical clear rhinestones and sterling silver ribs that alternate with gorgeous blue rhinestones on top.

- The "Lacy Fur Clip with Clear and Cherry Red Rhinestones" includes the lacy filigree that is distinctive to DeRosa, with dark red focus points and frosty clear rhinestones around the edge.

- There is also a very rare hinged sterling bracelet with long strands of genuine coral beads twisted together and set into the channels created inside the scalloped edges of the bracelet.

This work is unique because it is rare to see true natural materials used in a DeRosa creation. While many DeRosa pieces are unsigned, this one is signed ‘R DEROSA STERLING’ on the clasp.

- Also collectible is an exquisite sterling vermeil rhinestone brooch with yellow and rose gold coloring, clear rhinestones, and hanging aqua rhinestones featuring the geometric shapes of the Retro era.

DeRosa Jewelry Marks

Unfortunately, a lot of Ralph DeRosa's creations were either unmarked or had paper hang tags as the only marking.

Signed DeRosa jewelry is uncommon and typically sells for a lot of money.

The marks used by Ralph are as follows:

- R. DE ROSA (arguably the most common mark)


- R De ROSA Sterling

- R.DeRosa


- DeRosa Designed Jewels

- De ROSA Designed Jewels


- R. DEROSA underscored with "STERLING"

Tips For Buying DeRosa Jewelry

When you are on the hunt for Ralph DeRosa's jewelry you should pay attention to several aspects.

For example, the characteristics of DeRosa hallmark designs: three-dimensional, highly high-quality components, and translucent enameling.

Also, be particularly wary of fakes, just as you would be with other expensive and high-quality jewelry.

Check the DeRosa jewelry item for cracks, missing stones, or any other obvious damage. A magnifying glass should be nearby.

Even though these flaws might not prevent you from making a purchase, they can give you some negotiating power over the price.

DeRosa’s Legacy

DeRosa’s firm operated in New York City and made jewelry from the mid-1930s until the 1970s.

1940s DeRosa jewelry is the most famous and highly sought after. Despite the fact that the majority of the DeRosa jewelry was unregistered, the company is regarded as one of the best producers of unique, high-quality design pins and clips.

As a result, signed DeRosa jewels are highly sought after and continue to fetch great prices, but as is customary in these circumstances, collectors must exercise extreme caution when it comes to fakes and copies.

Although DeRosa jewelry is hard to come by - it appears that not many pieces were produced - the quest will be worthwhile.

Whether it's for your personal collection, an anniversary day, or a romantic dinner after a ballet performance, purchasing DeRosa jewelry will give you a sense of uniqueness. Check out DSF Antique online store to find the perfect piece for you!

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