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Article: "Eight & Bob" - The Story Behind A Legendary Fragrance

"Eight & Bob" - The Story Behind A Legendary Fragrance - DSF Antique Jewelry

"Eight & Bob" - The Story Behind A Legendary Fragrance

"Eight & Bob" is a historical perfume that has fascinated famous people such as John F. Kennedy and Cary Grant. Its fragrance is legendary!

Albert Fouquet is the son of a Parisian aristocrat who was part of the select French society at the beginning of the 20th century. As an expert in the discovery of perfumes, he succeeded in creating a fragrance for personal use with different essences that would become famous - "Eight & Bob".

In his creative work, Albert Fouquet was often helped by the family butler, named Philippe, who later saved the perfume "Eight & Bob" from being captured by the Germans during World War II.

The Story Behind The Legendary "Eight & Bob"

In the winter of 1934, Albert Fouquet traveled to Chile at the invitation of the Italian ambassador. On this trip, he not only enjoyed the beautiful views but also went to the Andes where he searched for aromatic plants that enriched his essences.

He discovered a wild plant with an unfamiliar aroma that delighted him and which he named "Andrea", its essence becoming the mystery of the perfume "Eight & Bob".

In the summer of 1937, Albert Fouquet met a young American student visiting the Côte d'Azur (France's coastal region on the Ligurian Sea). The student approached the Parisian aristocrat, as he was fascinated by his perfume.

Fouquet, captivated by the young man's spontaneity, friendliness, and charm, decided to offer him a sample of his cologne, accompanied by an admittedly bold note in which he wrote: "In this bottle is a touch of French glamour that his American personality needs".

The student was John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who undoubtedly later became "Eight & Bob" best ambassador.

John F. Kennedy loved the perfume and on his return to the US he wrote to Albert Fouquet asking for "eight more samples," and if production permitted, one for his brother Bob. Hence the name of the cologne - "Eight & Bob" - that would become famous. To cover the shipping costs, he sent a batch of colognes.

Hollywood stars such as Cary Grant and James Stuart were delighted and used the perfume "Eight & Bob".

"Eight & Bob" Was Saved By The Family Butler

Albert Fouquet died in 1939 in a traffic accident in Biarritz, France. Philippe, the family butler, hid the perfume bottles in books so that they would not be found by the Germans during the war. Much later, thanks to the butler's family, it was possible to retrieve the "Eight & Bob's" formula, which had a delicate artisanal process to develop.

The presentation of the perfume is a book between the pages of which the cologne bottle is hidden. This gives great personality to the perfume, which is priced at 175 dollars and can only be found in well-known luxury perfumeries.

"Eight & Bob" is considered one of the most exclusive and preferred perfumes by the most elegant men in the world. You can order it now online from
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