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Article: Garnet - The Marvelous Stone that Stirs the Soul

Garnet - The Marvelous Stone that Stirs the Soul - DSF Antique Jewelry
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Garnet - The Marvelous Stone that Stirs the Soul

The garnet has always been a semi-precious stone that warms even the coldest heart, sparkling like a living fire from which you can hardly take your eyes off.

This red stone is so special that thousands of legends were woven around it to pay homage to its special beauty. It has been revered for thousands of years by kings and warriors, healers and shamans, lovers and friends.

It is believed that the garnet was born in the hot core of the Earth and had received its energizing qualities: unwavering strength and courage, the power of facing negative things, passion, hope, and vitality.

Also, people think that red garnet jewelry can enhance feminine energy.

The Garnet's Special Properties

The garnet is a mineral in the group of natural silicates of calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, or aluminum. It is also used as an abrasive in the processing industry due to its hardness, but also as an attractive red semiprecious stone (pure and crystalline) in jewelry.
garnet antique jewelry brooch gold
The hardness of the mineral varies between 6-7.5 on the Mohs scale, and the color also varies, from dark red to yellowish-green, black. For jewelry, red garnet is highly preferred.

Its enigmatic origins  - the "fire" of the Earth - as well as its "journey" to the surface are beautifully related to the stories woven around this semiprecious stone.

The Legends Of Garnet Stones

It is said that garnet has been the only light on Noah’s Ark. No wonder that it is said it protects travelers on the road. But garnet does not appear only in biblical stories.

This spectacular stone has been used for thousands of years by both ancient Greeks and Romans, as well as Aztecs and Native Americans. The Romans, for example, used to offer garnet jewels to friends, spouses, or close relatives who were going on a trip.

On the one hand, the garnet was worn as a talisman with incredible protective power. From the Saxon and Celtic kings and warriors to the Native American healers, they all believed that the garnet protected them from wounds and poisons.

The garnet was worn by Christian and Muslim warriors too, but also by royal families - including King Solomon, Queen Mary of Scotland, and Queen Victoria. No wonder the garnet built the reputation of being the stone of warriors.
garnet gold jewelry
In Egypt, the garnet was used 5,000 years ago as precious jewels, but also in rituals of passage. It was believed that they had protective qualities even after death, not only during life.

At the same time, they were known as small coals (lat. Carbunculus) with magical properties - such as making light, according to medieval and biblical writings.

A legend says that Noah brought a red garnet stone on the Ark, as a source of light during the flood, "brighter night than day, allowing Noah to tell the difference between day and night."

Another legend belongs to Greek mythology. Hades, the God of Death and of the Underworld, falls in love with the beautiful Persephone, the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, whom he kidnaps and takes with him to the underworld.

At the threat of Demeter, Zeus sends Hermes to retrieve her, but before releasing Persephone, Hades gives her a pomegranate as a gift, knowing that if she eats it, the glowing seeds of the fruit will bond Persephone to him forever. And so it happened... But Persephone needed to walk in the light of the sun, so she made a deal with Hades that she would split her time between the earth and the world beneath. Persephone promised Hades she will stay with him in the Underworld only for three months (winter season), every year, forever.
From ancient times the garnet has been associated with pomegranates, both because of such stories, but also because the name of the stone is closely related to their name (granatus in Latin is the word for "seed", but also for "pomegranate").

Red Garnet: Meanings And Symbols

Because of the legend of Persephone, many people have therefore considered garnet stones a symbol of eternity and protection between realms. The garnet is also seen as a stone of courage, containing the power of positive thinking, and as a talisman for travelers who are looking to find their way out in the world.

Also due to the story of Hades and Persephone, it is believed that garnets are ideal to offer to friends and loved ones in general, as a testimony of love and devotion. They were also offered as a protective talisman to those who traveled or were separated, but also as a promise of reunion and eternal attraction between lovers.

Similarly, it is a symbol of regeneration and transformation, of the light that guides and of the fire of life, full of hope and courage. Compared to other semi-precious stones, garnet seems to be a connection between Cosmic and Telluric, between truth and imagination, between sexuality and love, between prosperity and stability.

There is a belief that those who wear red garnets become bold and full of initiative, but remain with their feet on the ground and strong while facing difficulties.

In medieval Europe, garnet was thought to help cure melancholy and depression, being also a cure for weakness. Later, garnet became a stone that stimulates productivity and prosperity, and material success.

The red garnet is associated with the Heart Chakra (Anahata, "unharmed" in Sanskrit), considered the center of empathy and compassion, love, and forgiveness.

Garnet is also considered a lucky stone for the signs Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Scorpio.

How Can You Wear Garnet Jewelry?

The garnet had its heyday when it was discovered in 1500 in the Kingdom of Bohemia (modern-day Czech Republic), which became a major manufacturer of garnet jewelry. The artisans of the time cut the stones into round shapes to give them a bright, pomegranate-like image.
Later, garnets were popular in the Victorian era, especially faceted, for even more elegance. Today, gold and silver jewelry is also fitted with faceted garnets.

Even today, garnet accessories, especially gold and silver ones, are irresistible (they have a nice contrast to the red of the stone). Wear them with romantic outfits, in pastel colors, to let the garnet jewelry show off its beauty.

You can opt for a seductive combination of a gold garnet necklace, along with a pair of garnet statement earrings. A pair of small garnet earrings fit perfectly with casual or autumn office outfits, in neutral tones, to adopt a chic look.

Garnet jewelry can be a wonderful gift for a friend or a woman who illustrates these special qualities of garnet.
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