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Article: Revealing Secrets: The reason Lady Diana Gave up the Chanel Brand

Hidden Secrets: The reason Lady Diana

Revealing Secrets: The reason Lady Diana Gave up the Chanel Brand

Princess Diana of Welles wore clothes from the French fashion house Chanel for many years, but after she divorced Prince Charles, she gave up completely the famous brand.

A while ago, the death of Karl Lagerfeld has captured the attention of the whole world. Numerous celebrities mourned the death of the brilliant German fashion designer and the images of his most emblematic outfits invaded social networks. However, a well-kept secret in his memories of Diana de Welles' relationship with the Chanel brand drew attention as well.

Namely the fact that the late Lady Di stopped at one point to wear outfits signed by the great French fashion house, whose image was renewed by Karl Lagerfeld, the Spanish newspaper ABC reported.

What was the reason behind this unexpected decision? Lady Di's clothing stylist, who chose her clothes for her last visit to Australia after divorcing Prince Charles, offered an explanation.

The Secret of Princess Diana Revealed

According to Harper's Bazaar Australia, Princess Diana's decision was related to her husband and his ex-girlfriend Camilla Parker-Bowles.

"As Diana was reviewing her outfits, I chose a pair of Chanel shoes to match with a Versace dress," he said.

Princess Diana refused in a vehement manner to wear those Chanel shoes, and eventually, she had to reveal why she didn't want to wear them.

"I can't use a brand that has two chained Cs on it," Lady Di said, referring to Camila and Charles.

The reason is not surprising, considering the relationship that her husband had with Camila Parker-Bowles long before he married Diana. Prince Charles married Diana Spencer under family pressure on July 29, 1981, but he could never forget Camilla.

Charles admitted that he resumed his relationship with Camilla after the end of his marriage to Diana in 1995. The two divorced after a decade of marriage, and the prince waited 10 years to marry Camilla.

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