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Article: History Of Jewelry: Reasons To Offer Silver Or Gold Jewelry

History Of Jewelry: Reasons To Offer Silver Or Gold Jewelry - DSF Antique Jewelry
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History Of Jewelry: Reasons To Offer Silver Or Gold Jewelry

The history of jewelry is truly fascinating. Since ancient times, people have been offering their loved ones silver and gold jewelry. And here is why.

Throughout the ages, jewelry has been made of various metals of varying preciousness. The purpose has always been the same, the pursuit of beauty.

For example, according to Click Magazine, archaeological research has shown that, in the early days, people adorned themselves with shells. In fact, the oldest piece of jewelry is thought to be a necklace with four shells found at an archaeological site in Algeria.

Bellow, we will address some important things to know about the history of jewelry.

Exploring The Ancient History Of Jewelry

It is said that jewelers' creativity began to develop in ancient Egypt. At that time, gold was used and the stones were turquoise, amethyst, onyx, or serpentine.

Master jewelers in ancient India learned the gilding technique, and silversmithing and could make extremely fine gold leaf. Precious metals were combined with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, or emeralds.

An important page in the history of jewelry is written by the craftsmen of ancient Greece. They used filigree gold. They were famous for the spectacular jewelry they made. They preferred to make only rare metal and used extremely rare gemstones.

Ancient Rome is also known for very fine jewelry. The early masters were Greeks and other Asian jewelers. Men especially preferred gold rings. They were worn mainly by ambassadors, nobles, and politicians. Then middle-class people began to wear them, and later they became a habit among the military.

In ancient China, jewelers mainly used bronze and jade, but also gold, silver, and precious stones. The jewelry was usually round in shape. We see a lot of fascinating pendentives or brooches at that time.

The Aztecs used gold and silver to make jewelry in combinations with shells, feathers, or rare stones. Those interested in the history of jewelry should know that only the chiefs, the people at the head of the community, wore jewelry.

For the Incas, gold was considered the "tear of the sun", while silver was seen as the "tear of the moon". The two precious metals were found in abundance in Inca areas and were used to make intriguing jewelry pieces.

What Does Gold & Silver Symbolize Today

Contemporary jewelry is made of various metals and in combinations with a multitude of semi-precious and precious stones. Gold and silver are still the most popular. Here are some exciting things to know about the symbolism of each precious metal, and some superstitions associated with them.

Silver is associated with the moon and is said to bring good luck. It is also a symbol of purity, perseverance, and strength. For example, it is said that silver placed in a baby's hand will bring good fortune in life. It is also said that if the baby clutches it in his hand he will be thrifty with money, and if he throws it away he will be a spendthrift. For a bride to have good luck in marriage and wealth it is recommended that she wear a silver coin in her shoe.

Gold symbolizes vitality, health, wealth, and prosperity. In the old days, gold jewelry was said to bring fame and good luck. It was also believed that a gold bracelet protected health and destiny.   

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