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Article: How To Choose The Right Wedding Rings For You And Your Wife

How To Choose The Right Wedding Rings For You And Your Wife - DSF Antique Jewelry

How To Choose The Right Wedding Rings For You And Your Wife

The wedding day must be perfect, a day to treasure for the rest of the new life in two. And, what's the most important thing on this memorable day?

The wedding dress? The flowers? The bridesmaids' dresses? Yes. They are important but more important than this are the wedding rings, as they are the symbol of the connection between the husband and wife.

Made of platinum, white, yellow, or pink gold, with diamonds or other precious stones, in classic or modern style, wedding rings represent love, understanding, and harmony between spouses and they must please both of them equally.

The wedding rings are in the first position on the list of wedding preparations. Buying the perfect ones takes time and serious documentation.

Choosing the model according to the taste of the two lovers, to fit their lifestyle and personality can be complicated. But not impossible, of course. Let us help you with some guiding lines...

1. White, Yellow, Pink, Or Platinum Gold Wedding Ring

In the early days of mankind, wedding rings were made of iron. Gold becomes the predominant metal in Christianity. From the dawn of Christianity until today, the perfect ring has undergone significant transformations.

Jewelers offer customers the opportunity to choose wedding rings from several varieties of gold: yellow, white, pink. You can opt for the wedding rings that contain all three types of gold, for a combination of two variants, or for a single type of gold.

There are couples who are willing to pay larger sums to buy wedding rings made of another precious metal - platinum, as this metal looks white and pure, same as their expectations for the new life that lies in front of them.

2. Silver Wedding Rings

Silver can also be a useful and beautiful alternative if one of the two brides has a health problem - allergy to certain metals or if they simply prefer silver to gold.

In addition, there are quite a few nonconformist young women who want special metal wedding rings and can opt for a ring made of silver.

Those who pass the test of time know that at the silver wedding they will replace the gold wedding rings with some made of silver. Some even choose to combine the silver ones with the gold wedding rings.

3. The Right Size

If the engagement ring is given as a gift by the future groom to the bride, the wedding rings are purchased by the couple together. So, a visit to the jeweler solves the problem of the right sizes for future spouses.

Even so, it is important to specify to the jeweler which hand will you wear the ring on because the size of the ring fingers differs from hand to hand.

4. Semi-Precious Stones, Precious Gemstones, Or Everlasting Diamonds

Wedding rings can be simple, meaning made only of metal, but they can also have precious gemstones in the frame. And a wedding ring made only of metal can be embellished with various models or with one or more gemstones. It all depends on the taste of the bride and groom, but also on their personality.

Of course, a ring with precious gemstones or diamonds increases the price of wedding rings. But hey, you will say "Yes" in the church with the thought that your vows are forever and the rings will never leave your fingers...

5. Customization: Make Your Wedding Rings Unique

The sacred connection between the two spouses can acquire new meanings if they chose to personalize the wedding rings. In the past, the date of the wedding and possibly the name of the better half were engraved on the inside of the rings.

Things have evolved in this regard as well. The bride and groom sometimes have symbols known only by them, which they want to be engraved on the inside of the wedding rings.

For some, the customization of the rings goes further, with young people choosing their model, shape, and design.

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