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Article: How To Chose The Perfect Engagement Ring? Tips For Finding Your Dream Ring

How To Chose The Perfect Engagement Ring? Tips For Finding Your Dream Ring - DSF Antique Jewelry

How To Chose The Perfect Engagement Ring? Tips For Finding Your Dream Ring

The engagement ring should suggest purity, femininity, grace, and reflect the love between the two partners. Let us help you choose your perfect dream ring!

One of the most important moments in your life is the marriage proposal. In particular, choosing an engagement ring is one of the most difficult things... "Will she like it? Is this the most beautiful design? Have I allocated enough budget? Is the jewelry of good quality? How can I be sure that I am not wrong?"

These are all questions that many men have asked themselves ... and they deserve answers. So, let us help you find a method to embark on the adventure without feeling too lost.

The Perfect Engagement Ring: Analyze The Style Of Your Bride To Be

In case you never asked yourself what's the "style" of your future wife ... now it's a good time to do it, it will be very useful in determining the kind of engagement ring that will suit her best!

To determine your future fiancée's style, we recommend that you answer the following questions:

- What colors of clothing does she like to wear? Does she like sober colors (navy blue, black, white) or more vivid colors (red, orange, yellow, green)?

- In general, does she rather like to be noticed, or on the contrary, she prefers to shine with a discreet elegance?

- Is she keen to discover new fashion trends? Or does she prefer timeless styles?

- Is she used to wear precious jewelry? And if so, what are they like? Sparkling? Discreet? Colorful? Massive? Vintage?

These questions will give you a bundle of clues to determine the style of the engagement ring that will suit her best.

The Solitaire Engagement Ring

This type of engagement ring will suit her best if:

- She prefers single-color outfits, understated colors, and generally doesn't like her clothes to be flashy.

- She shuns anything bling-bling or "did you notice me" and dresses in a discreet style.

- Whether for clothes or accessories, she appreciates having items that can be worn in all circumstances and avoids buying clothes that would be a fad.

- She does not wear precious jewelry, or if she does, they are rather thin and discreet.

The Pave Solitaire Engagement Ring

This type of engagement ring is perfect for her if:

- She wears clothes in plain colors and likes having a neat style and avoids errors of taste.

- For her, elegance is an attitude: she pays attention to her style, but avoids logos which can be perceived as bling-bling or the "have you noticed me?" type.

- She appreciates a touch of sophistication to enhance an outfit (a pretty bag, a cashmere scarf, lipstick).

- She wears discreet jewelry: earrings, a diamond pendant, thin bracelets.

The Hallo Engagement Ring

This is the right ring for her if:

- She has no favorite color and will be just as comfortable with subdued colors as well with a pop of bolder color.

- She loves to wear new accessories: a watch, the latest fashionable bag, designer sunglasses.

- She is not bling-bling but is not afraid to be noticed either: whether it is through the many jewels she is used to wearing, bold make-up, or, for an evening, a special dress.

The Shoulder Solitaire Engagement Ring And/Or Vintage Ring

- If she appreciates the vintage style and antique objects, whether we are talking about clothes or accessories.

- If she wears solid (plain) understated colors but doesn't hesitate every now and then to enhance the ensemble with a stronger color.

- If her friends and family esteem her for her good taste, and the finds she has unearthed in designers or antique shops.

Remember that a vintage ring can radiate charm and personality. If your partner is a feminine and gracious lady and loves old fashion glamor, maybe you should consider a vintage engagement ring.

The Creative Engagement Ring

- Whether for clothes or accessories, she is not afraid to think outside the box.

- Without necessarily having an ostentatious style, she finds pleasure in differentiating herself, whether it be with a pair of daring shoes, a colorful shawl or why not a bright red on the lips.

- She loves beautiful objects and is not afraid to wear precious jewelry.

If in doubt…

Never forget that it is better to prioritize sobriety and good taste over originality. Our advice: if you are lost, opt for a simple solitaire or a pave solitaire.

The Engagement Ring Made Of White Gold

White gold is arguably the most appreciated metal for an engagement ring. Its neutral color is easy to wear and will go wonderfully with all kinds of colored gemstones. 18K gold, whether white or of another color, is the hardest material used in jewelry and therefore the most resistant to time.

Our advice: if you are hesitating between the many options on the market, don't take the risk and choose white gold.

Platinum is also a highly appreciated metal for engagement rings. Naturally white, platinum jewelry won’t fade to yellow and looks incredibly beautiful against any diamond you choose.

Which Precious Gemstones To Chose

Another essential element is the gemstone. Diamond is by far the most popular stone for an engagement ring (at 45%), followed by blue sapphire (20%) in aquamarine (15%). %) and finally emerald (5%), tanzanite (5%), or ruby (5%).

Why diamonds are the first choice? First, because it is the brightest stone. No other gemstone sparkle like a diamond. Secondly, a diamond has the huge advantage that it can be worn with any outfit and therefore is very easy to wear on a daily basis.

Finally, the diamond is the hardest stone, the most sought after, the most mythical ... ask around, and you will see "diamonds are the girls' best friends".

Sapphire and aquamarine are also gemstones that are highly valued for an engagement ring. If your future bride has left you with clues that she will prefer one of these stones, take the opportunity to show her that you are attentive to her every wish and choose the stone she has directed you to.

Our tip: If you are in doubt, know that the vast majority of women expect to receive a diamond engagement ring. So, unless she has left you a clear message for another gemstone, we advise you not to take any chances and choose a center stone diamond.

How To Recognize A Quality Stone?

First, by the intensity of its color. It must be bright and vivid. If, for example, your aquamarine is too translucent, its quality may not the best.

Second criterion, purity: quality colored stones look pure to the naked eye. Too many flaws and inclusions can mar the beauty of the stone.

However, natural gemstones will always have some small inclusions and they are desirable too because they point out the fact that the stone is not treated.

Finally, concerning the cut or size of the stone: it must simply be harmonious and homogeneous. A circle must be very round, an oval well oval and a square… well square!

The Thorny Question Of Finger Size

You have now decided on the jewel that will best match your better half and you have made sure that your jeweler is serious. You are almost there, courage! All that remains is to determine the finger size of your future wife.

The simplest method: discreetly borrow one of her rings

If you are lucky enough to have a bride who wears a jewel on the left ring finger (and yes, the finger sizes are not the same on the right and on the left), the easiest way is to discreetly "steal" her jewel and bring it to your jeweler. He will be able to give you precisely her finger size using a triboulet.

Good luck! All that remains is that she says, with open heart and light in her eyes: "Yes!", when you will offer her the engagement ring of her dreams!

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