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Article: Iradj Moini Jewelry: Perfect for Those Who are Not Afraid to Be the Center of Attention

Iradj Moini Jewelry: Perfect for Those Who are Not Afraid to Be the Center of Attention - DSF Antique Jewelry

Iradj Moini Jewelry: Perfect for Those Who are Not Afraid to Be the Center of Attention

Iradj Moini was born in Iran but fled his homeland during the revolution and become one of the leading jewelry designers of the Oscar de la Renta fashion house.

He is an architect by profession, graduating from the University of Buffalo, USA.

"I wanted to study fashion, but it was not allowed (by the government of Iran)," Iradj Moini explained in an interview with New York Public Radio.  

According to the famous designer, the Iranian government would only permit his parents to send him money for his foreign education if he chose a field of study that was considered "productive".

Iradj Moini Turquoise Amethyst Starfish Convertible 3 Brooch Collar Necklaceiradj-moini/products/iradj-moini-turquoise-amethyst-starfishcollar-necklace

Early in his career as a jewelry designer, Iradj Moini launched himself by copying jewelry pieces made by Yves Saint Laurent, whom he admired a lot. In his eyes, he was the "god of fashion".

"His modernism, his respect for women, and the fact that he realized style doesn't change ... Saint Yves Laurent was such a god for me," Iradj Moini said about the famous fashion designer.

The first jewelry piece sold by Moini was a Yves Saint Laurent copy, but after a short time, he became bored imitating other designers' work so he started following his creative leanings.

The Magical Iradj Moini Jewelry

The jewelry created by Moini is mesmerizing, with the main motifs being floral elements and figurines. He initially used materials such as bone, wood, European crystals, as well as oriental precious stones, which are characterized by vivid and bright colors.

Over time, Iradj Moini substantially enriched the range of materials he used. He made some astonishing jewelry pieces with pearls, quartz, emeralds, rubies, and the fantastic lapis lazuli stone.

Iradj Moini's creations also have a unique and distinct feature: they are large and voluminous, but very detailed and three-dimensional. Each Iradj Moini jewel is unique in its own way, especially since they are handmade.

Iradj Moini Lapis Turquoise Citrine Amethyst Parrot Bird Broochiradj-moini-lapis-turquoise-citrine-amethyst-parrot-bird-brooch

His jewelry has been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York as part of Iris Apfel’s collection, as well as featured in the Trop Exhibit with Barbara Berger at the Louvre in Paris.

You have to be bold to wear Iradj Moini Jewelry

To wear an Iradj Moini jewelry piece you must have certain character traits, especially the determination and courage to be in the center of attention. His creations always attract the eyes of those around them through their charm.

Iradj Moini Long Amethyst Citrine Flower Earringsiradj-moini-long-amethyst-citrine-flower-earrings

"Each piece is handmade and inspired to tell a story because each woman has such a presence, you want to cherish that and glorify her," says Iradj Moini about his creations.

Iradj Moini also produced costume jewelry for designers such as Bill Blass, Carolina Herrera, and Arnold Scaasi. His talent has put many of his creations up for sale in New York's most famous stores.

Iradj Moini Green Aventurine Amethyst Flower Collar Necklace
"I love costume jewelry because it has so much character, you know? It has so much life of its own. And it's so loud, and it's so expressive," says the Iranian designer.

His costume jewelry is sought after by collectors, but he said he designs for himself. Just as he did when he wanted Yves Saint Laurent pieces, but could not afford them.

Iradj Moini Yellow Green Glass Crystal Pearl Collar Tassel Necklace
"I love what I do because I want it for me. Every piece I make, I don't care who's going to wear it because I care about myself. Because I want to have it. I want to have it," explained Iradj Moini.

If you want to admire the jewelry creations of Iradj Moini or even buy one of them for yourself, visit now our online shop, you will find many astonishing pieces.

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