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Article: Jewelry Trends For 2024 - Be In Style

Jewelry Trends For 2024 - Be In Style - DSF Antique Jewelry

Jewelry Trends For 2024 - Be In Style

World-renowned fashion designers and brands presented their Spring/Summer 2024 collections in New York, London, Milan, and Paris in September.

Alongside voluminous bags and timeless collections in earthy tones, they also caught the attention of fashion enthusiasts with their jewelry collections. Here are the most important jewelry trends for Spring/Summer 2024.

Sparkling Round Earring

While classic hoop earrings have been a staple in jewelry boxes for a long time, it's time to add a little sparkle.

Round earrings encrusted with diamonds, precious stones, and crystals are now in trend. Your ears will catch attention with their shine and sparkle, reflecting light off your skin.

Sparkling jewelry won't just be part of casual outfits. Designers have shown that it's spectacular to pair them with more casual pieces, such as a leather jacket or a chic sweater.

diamond earrings

Dangling Earrings

Earrings will receive exceptional attention in the coming period. Distinctive dangling earrings will take center stage in a wide variety of styles.

Don't miss the opportunity and don't be afraid to pair them with more casual pieces, especially with off-shoulder tops or earth-toned shirts.

Oversize, Dramatic Earrings And Necklaces

The earrings on the Spring/Summer 2024 runways—specifically the ones at Brandon Maxwell, Emilia Wickstead, Schiaparelli, and Phillip Lim—were equally dramatic, in size, shape, and color, according to

According to Pinterest’s annual trend prediction report on jewelry trends for 2024, big, sculptural jewelry and “larger-than-life accessories” will be top of mind this year.

Cuff Bracelets

Another piece that is a must-have in 2024 is the cuff Bracelet.

Jewelry trends for the upcoming season show that '80s-inspired cuff bracelets don't have a cutoff date in sight.

Don't hesitate to take a somewhat dull outfit, like jeans and a sweater, and turn it into an interesting ensemble by adding a bold metallic cuff bracelet. Roll up your sleeves, and you're trendy.

cuff bracelet

Rainbow Colors In Your Jewelry Box

And If we speak of jewelry trends for 2024, we speak about colors and joy! Some jewelry companies have been offering brightly colored pieces for several seasons, but it's only this season that the trend has gained momentum and literally flooded the runways.

Don't be afraid of colors. Green, red, and orange jewelry have their place in the jewelry box. You can choose glass crystals, resin, stones, or beads.

There are no limits to your imagination.

Long Layered Necklaces

Untangling the mess of layered necklaces that stretch from the chest to the belly button throughout the day can be a stressful task and, perhaps conversely, therapeutic.

In any case, long-layered necklaces will have an irreplaceable place in jewelry trends. In a somewhat chaotic yet chic style, they can be perfectly paired with tops, sweaters, as well as open jackets or cardigans.
Unique Statement Pendants

Layering and overlapping necklaces are in style, but there are also designers who have opted for a single distinctive piece. This refers to a dominant pendant, in various colors, shapes, and styles.

The only condition is that it be distinctive, large, and original. Don't hesitate to go for an elegant vintage pendant with a large embedded stone if you want to be in trend in 2024.

Brooches In The Spotlight

This retro accessory has been announcing its gradual comeback for some time. Now that it has been brought into the spotlight on all the runways, its momentum will be significant.

Brooches are in fashion! The bolder, the better, but they are trendy in all their forms.

If you opt for a discreet brooch made of precious metals for your formal outfit, choose a shiny festive brooch to match your evening gown. Or let yourself be carried away by original and imaginative pieces in your casual everyday combinations.

Brooches represent another guaranteed way to elevate even the dullest outfit. Also, with brooches jewelry trends will favor you.



According to, with high-fashion ankle flair making waves thanks to designers like Paco Rabanne and Miu Miu, there's a shoe-adjacent jewelry trend that's effortlessly blending into the 2024 accessories scene: the understated anklet. 

Choose a sleek and minimal option, such as Fendi's gold tubular styles, or elevate your look with a pearl-adorned interpretation, inspired by Simone Rocha's glamorous take on the trend.

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