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Article: Are You Looking for the Best Vintage Cufflinks & Antique Cufflinks?

Are You Looking for the Best Vintage Cufflinks & Antique Cufflinks? - DSF Antique Jewelry

Are You Looking for the Best Vintage Cufflinks & Antique Cufflinks?

Then you have come to the right place. We, at DSF Antique Jewelry, truly know how to appreciate this tiny yet very impacting fashion accessory that can truly make a major contribution to your overall look. Discover now the best vintage cufflinks, and antique cufflinks on the market.

In our online store, you can find gold and silver vintage and antique buttons adorned with diamonds, sapphires, or rubies, from famous brands such as Cartier, Hermes, or Tiffany & Co. We have hundreds of different models, a collection worthy of the most sophisticated and stylish clients. And if you are a collector, you will surely know the worth of what we offer.

We all know that a sober suit, a flawless shirt, and a tie can be an impeccable outfit for a man, but they may often be monotonous and devoid of personality. Chosen wisely, the cufflinks are the elegant solution to light up your outfit in a classical and tasteful way.

Vintage & antique cufflinks - a symbol of nobility

In one form or another, cufflinks have been part of the men's wardrobe for centuries, since the time they were used by crowned heads and noblemen to mark special events.

During the early ages, in the medieval period, buttons were extremely expensive and rare accessories, made exclusively for the celebration of princely events.

Buttons became popular in Europe in the 17th century, when they were used to fasten the sleeves around the wrist, as an alternative to lace, ribbons, or chains. For the European aristocracy of the time, cufflinks were considered a true mark of a gentleman, and a status symbol.

Jewelers started doing their magic and created sleeve buttons in silver and gold, accompanied by precious gemstones or stamped designs. Thus, the jeweled cufflinks became a vital accessory for aristocrats and noblemen across the world.

Later on, famous jewelry houses, such as Cartier or Tiffany, have created unique button models inspired by the different artistic currents of mankind - cubism, art deco, etc. It was an explosion of creativity that materialized in some of the most exquisite fashion items.

Brief introduction of buttons

Cufflinks have various shapes and methods of fastening and can be worn with double-cuffed shirts and gala shirts. Such shirts have cuffs specially designed for the button closure. More exactly, their cuffs have no buttons, just holes for the cufflinks.

Shirts that use cufflinks are a sophisticated choice for both business meetings as well as for formal events, but also for when they will make a perfect pair with a self-tie bow tie.

There are several ways to wear and match a buttoned shirt, so as to suit the context and occasion, as well as how to choose the model of buttons that will not only complete your outfit but will make a real difference in your clothing style.

Cufflinks can also be worn on the lapel button on the jacket, in the form of a lapel pin.

How to wear vintage and antique cufflinks

The shirt buttons must be chromatically matched to the outfit, and in most cases, they match the suit. The general rule is that men's shirt buttons should always be matched with the darkest color in the outfit, which can sometimes be the color of the shirt.

Also, be sure to match the shirt cufflinks with the other accessories or jewelry you wear, opting for the cufflinks depending on what color the other accessories have.

Coordinating your outfit with your cufflinks and other accessories both stylistically and chromatically is a must if you are to shine in the proper light at the event you are attending.  For example, a pair of enameled or colored buttons with precious or semi-precious stones must match the shade of the shirt, tie, bow tie and/or handkerchief, belt, tie needle, socks.

Every detail counts, even the tiny buttons, so properly evaluating the impact of the entire mix is a crucial aspect.

So, if you are looking for exceptional buttons that are not at all common, we are glad to inform you that DSF Antique Jewelry has collected some of the very best vintage cufflinks and antique cufflinks on the market. You will definitely find the perfect ones for you.

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