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Article: Journey into the Fantastic World of Vintage & Antique Coral Jewelry

Journey into the Fantastic World of Vintage & Antique Coral Jewelry - DSF Antique Jewelry

Journey into the Fantastic World of Vintage & Antique Coral Jewelry

Discover the most exquisite vintage and antique coral jewelry in our fascinating collection. Some of the pieces are handmade and unique and can satisfy the most refined and demanding tastes.

Corals are marine invertebrates of the Anthozoa class that typically live in compact colonies of a multitude of polyps, joined together by calcareous channels. After their death,  on the old calcareous skeleton, another one is added, thus forming coral reefs.

The calcareous skeleton of corals has a red or white color and is being used by people since ancient times to adorn objects of art and jewelry.

Coral is classified along with pearl, ivory, and amber as an organic gem. The quality and intensity of the color are accentuated depending on the depth from which it was collected, as it lives in warm waters between 13 and 16 degrees and is very sensitive.
Transforming raw coral into fine jewelry is a meticulous and very delicate art, but the beauty of the result makes it worth any effort and time.

Vintage & Antique Coral Jewelry - Glimpse of History

Coral has been used for jewelry and artworks since ancient times.

For example, in ancient Egypt, 2000 years ago, coral jewelry was very popular. It was even used as a form of trade with amber.

In ancient Italy, marriage proposals or engagements were validated with gold or silver coral jewelry. It was considered an oath of allegiance and trust in one another until death.

Coral was traded in antiquity on well-established trade routes. It was extremely popular in the Victorian period, used mainly for decorative purposes.

The people living on the shores believed that corals cause the waves to stop and calms the seas.

It is believed that coral jewelry is a lucky talisman that protects its bearers from bad luck and trauma. The Romans also thought that coral protects you from prying eyes and protects children from danger.

The Coral in the "Legends of Olympus"

The origin of the coral is explained in Greek mythology in the story of demigod Perseus who, after petrifying Cetus -  the sea monster that threatened the beautiful Ethiopian princess Andromeda - using the head of the legendary Medusa, stops for a little to wash his hands.

He left Medusa's head on the waterfront facing the water and was surprised to see that her gaze petrified the algae in the water, turning them into coral.

The Greeks call it the "gorgeia" coral since Medusa is one of the Gorgons (the three sisters who, according to Wikipedia, are described as having hair made of living, venomous snakes, and horrifying visages that turned those who beheld them to stone).

The palace where Poseidon - the god of the seas storms, earthquakes, and horses - lived was also made out of coral.

It is also said that Hephaestus made his first creation out of coral. Hephaestus is the god of blacksmiths, metalworking, carpenters, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, metallurgy, fire, and volcanoes.

An Interesting Fact About Coral Jewelry

When we wear coral jewelry for a longer period of time we will notice that it can change color.

It can change to white, which raises an alarm that the endocrine system is unbalanced. Clean the jewelry with a soft cloth and meditate a little on your lifestyle.

When the coral turns gray, it signals a problem with the circulatory system.

DSF Antique Jewelry offers you unique vintage & antique coral jewelry to accompany you in the special events in life. Our jewelry pieces, most of which are handmade, stand out due to their refined designs. They have the power to truly make you shine brightly.

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Vintage Antique Coral Jewelry

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