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Article: Magical Stones: The Special Properties Of Obsidian

Magical Stones: The Special Properties Of Obsidian - DSF Antique Jewelry
Magical Stones

Magical Stones: The Special Properties Of Obsidian

Obsidian is a magical stone with many special therapeutic and healing properties that are known from ancient times.

The name of the crystal comes from the name "Obsius", which is said to have first brought the stone to the Roman Empire. The gem has a shiny and opaque appearance, as well as a Yang polarity. The stone is recommended to all zodiac signs and is under the dominion of the planet Saturn.

This mysterious crystal can be found all over the world, being predominant in Mexico. In the past, it was commonly used for processing weapons such as blades, spears, and arrowheads. Depending on its color, obsidian has different properties.

Obsidian - Special Therapeutic & Healing Properties

Depending on the color, there are several types of obsidian, such as black, blue, steel-blue, gold, green, blue-green, mahogany, red-black, rainbow, silver, and mahogany.

Obsidian is also known as "Mirror" because of its properties. The stone is a glass that formed naturally from volcanic lava that cooled very quickly. It is said that this special crystal acts as a mirror for the inner self, protecting us from anxiety, anger, fear, or addiction.

Its healing properties include aiding digestion, soothing suffering, improving blood circulation, stopping bleeding, and warming extremities.

It is recommended that the stone be placed near electronic devices as it absorbs electromagnetic radiation. Obsidian can also be placed at the entrance to the home, this protects the house from unwanted energies that may come from outside.

At the same time, obsidian helps to strengthen patience so that challenges can be dealt with more easily. It is also said that obsidian is beneficial for the emotional healing process, replacing negative energies with positive ones.

Furthermore, it is believed obsidian helps you process and eliminate toxic emotions all the toxic emotions you are trying to hide.

The jewel eliminates negative energies and is beneficial for the eyes, veins, and bones. At the same time, people who want to quit smoking can also use the properties of the crystal.

Obsidian Beneficial For All Zodiac Signs

Obsidian is a powerful healing semi-precious stone that is recommended for all zodiac signs, depending on color.

For example, black obsidian is recommended for the sign Sagittarius, but it is not beneficial to wear as jewelry as it brings out negative emotions. It is also said that obsidian is beneficial for meditation, and prayer, and reduces stress and anger. The stone also reduces negative energies and transforms them into positive ones.

Also, Sagittarius and the sign of Virgo, snowflake obsidian is also recommended. Snowflake obsidian brings love, balance, purity, and flexibility and encourages fairness.

For the sign Libra, mahogany obsidian is suitable, as the crystal facilitates healing and purification. At the same time, it helps relaxation, concentration, personal development, and improvement of sexual life. Also suitable for this sign is the golden obsidian, ideal for predicting the future. Golden obsidian helps to eliminate feelings of worthlessness and balance energy fields.

Blue crystals are suitable for Aquarius and Sagittarius. It is recommended for the relief of Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia. This special stone improves communication and also helps treat eye conditions.

Green obsidian is specific to the sign Gemini. It protects the person from dependence on other people. In the body, the crystal helps to treat the gall bladder and heart.

Among the properties of obsidian is that the stone brings truth to the surface and has a protective role.

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