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Article: Marcus & Co. Jewelry - A Story About Perfection

Marcus & Co. Jewelry - A Story About Perfection - DSF Antique Jewelry
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Marcus & Co. Jewelry - A Story About Perfection

Marcus & Co. is one of the greatest representatives of Art Nouveau jewelry. Known for its high-quality pieces, it earned its rightful place in the world of jewelry.

Marcus & Co. often worked in a style very close to that of the famous Rene Lalique, specializing in fine art jewelry, characterized by the use of champlevé and plique-à-jour enamels, and semiprecious stones.

They are also known for their exquisite diamond jewelry, but also for the use of non-conventional gems in that period of time -  such as spinels, zircons, peridots, or chrysoberyls.

The company was founded in 1892 in New York City by Herman Marcus and his son William.

Herman Marcus was a German jeweler than working there with the famous Dresden court jeweler, Ellemeyer. He moved to the United States in 1850 and worked here with famous brands such as Tiffany & Co and Ball, Black & Co., which later became Black, Star & Frost.

Marcus & Co. is among the first in America to use the plique-a-jour enamel, a vitreous enamel decoration technique applied in small cells, an operation that requires a very long time in the processing of jewels. This is why their jewelry creations can be considered real works of art with a story to tell.

Herman continued to work with his two sons, George and William, until his death in 1899.

Marcus & Co merged in 1962 with Black, Starr & Frost, but creative production ends since the Second World War.

Marcus & Co - a star of the Art Nouveau Movement

Marcus & Co created jewelry pieces following the fashion of the moment in the art world (Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts) but with their own distinctive style. Their jewels were always made using high-quality materials and had extraordinary designs.

marcus-co-antique-18k-gold-amethyst-diamond-enamel-broochMarcus & Co. Antique 18K Gold Amethyst Diamond Enamel Brooch

As the experts from "Maglia Gioelli" said, when you think about what Marcus & Company embodies in the creation of jewels, you understand Art Nouveau. Their jewels can be recognized visibly by the use of enamel and asymmetrical shapes.

Marcus & Co was the only one who used enamel on rounded surfaces (petals and leaves) while most American jewelers used enamel on flat surfaces. It is for this reason that the result of this technique gives the object a three-dimensional effect to the observer.

Marcus & Co explored all the avenues of aesthetics during the Art Nouveau period following Rene Lalique.

Their search for inspiration was given by different sources, often of Islamic-Persian design and that is why you can find allegorical pieces in their style as well as others that recall the medieval metalwork.

Their Art Nouveau jewelry pieces are a combination of gold, that gives the jewel a "soft look", and precious and semi-precious stones that we find within the composition as an accent of superior "design".

The jewels made by Marcus & Co are available most of the time through auctions, but DSF Antique Jewelry has collected several magnificent pieces and is now offering you the opportunity to own one of them yourself.

Check out now Marcus & Co antique gold brooches and cufflinks adorned with diamonds, sapphire, emerald, citrine, or amethyst and enamel. They are genuine works of art.

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