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Article: Monet Vintage Costume Jewelry - Tradition And Excellence

Monet Vintage Costume Jewelry - Tradition And Excellence - DSF Antique Jewelry
Costume Jewelry

Monet Vintage Costume Jewelry - Tradition And Excellence

With a long tradition in costume jewelry manufacturing, Monet is one of the world’s favorite brands when it comes to vintage jewelry.
The name Monet is synonymous with tradition and excellence. The vintage jewels signed by this famous brand have exquisite original designs, and the materials are always of top quality.

Monet Vintage Costume Jewelry - The Beginning

In a small factory of Providence in 1929, Monocraft Products company was successfully producing gold-toned metal monogram plaques in beautiful art deco designs for women's handbags and purses. Monocraf was favored of all other brands, and combining this great reptation with the blooming jewelry business, brothers Michael and Jay Chernow started designing and manufacturing impressive-looking costume jewelry.

Having survived the stock market crash, and seeing the jewelry business flourish, they decided to work solely on costume business jewelry and changed the name of the company to Monet in 1937.

With the depression in 1929 and 1930, women could no longer afford expensive jewelry which created a need to use costume jewelry. Michael and Jay Chernow seized that opportunity and offered women what they were looking for: affordable jewelry with exquisite design and craftsmanship.

They replaced real diamonds with beautiful glass but the quality was so high that allowed women to adorn themself and not have completely emptied their purses.
The company quickly gained popularity with its stand-out products and impressive designs. They were most famous for their earrings, including the clip-type on for women who didn’t have pierced ears.

Over the years, Monet has maintained unique designs while adapting to fashion trends. From military designs of 1940 to charm bracelets of the 1950s, to hook earrings in the 1960s, the company continued to produce high fashion and affordable costume jewelry.

Over the years the Monet Company has been sold several times. Nevertheless, one thing didn't change - they kept producing fashionable costume jewelry.

Monet Jewelry Styles Through The Decades

Through the years Monet designers stayed abreast of the times changing their styles and designs to keep their jewelry stylish and in fashion. In addition, they were responsible for many leading developments in the jewelry field including the barrel clutch for women with pierced ears and the friction ear clip, a very comfortable option for women with non pierced ears.

The 1930s

In the early years, Monocarfat used the same gold-plating techniques they employed on the monograms. Other styles included delicate hand-painted pieces, animal and floral patterns, as well as Art Deco designs.

The 1940s
With former Cartier jewelry designer Edmond Grandville leading the company in the late 1930s, Monet became a leading fashion brand. No wonder Monet vintage jewelry of the 1940s was found in almost every department store of the time.

Because of restrictions on platinum and brass metals imposed by war, Monet Jewelry switched to sterling silver instead. Their jewelry was often embellished with sparkling Austrian crystals or rhinestones. Women adored Moned jewelry as they look rich and expensive, although they didn't cost that much.

Considering the period, many of the vintage pieces Monet produced had a military influence.

The 1950s
The jewelry of the '50s was large, flashy, and bold. Among their many popular designs were figural pieces such as poodle dog pins, bow pins, charms, and charm bracelets.

The 1960s

In the 1960s charm bracelets hit their boom in popularity. All kinds of objects hung on bracelets including flora and fauna-inspired items. Monet adapted to the trends of those years and created custom charm bracelets and pendants with more formal and stylish designs for women who entered the workforce.

Hoop earrings, big pendant necklaces, and bangles featured also in the rage of the products Monet created in the 60s.
The 1970s

Monet's designs focused more on pierced earring styles. The brand also came on the market with a fine jewelry collection called "Ciani" which featured custom luxury pieces of gold adorned with gemstones, and sterling silver.
The 1980s and 1990s
Disco years, pop years....  so Monet's design changed accordingly. They produced boisterous ad loud styles designs, incorporating metalwork and color.

Also, in addition to creating their own lines of jewelry, Monet produced custom jewels for Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, and Christian Lacroix.

2000 And Beyond

Today, Monet designs are valued, worn, and sought-after by collectors and women who love to look beautiful and adorn with exquisite jewels.

The new jewelry lines produced by Monet are luxurious and sophisticated. Purchased by Liz Claiborne in  2000, Monet produced new elegant pieces with spectacular stones such as green opal, coral, and colored crystals.

The following are several of the Monet collections according to

Jewels of the Nile
Jewel Box
Almodine Metal
Things of Beauty
Color Awakening
Twilight Dreams
Emerald City
Magical Moments
Where to Find Monet Jewelry Online
Both vintage and contemporary jewelry pieces by Monet are available online.

Monet Changed Owners Over The Years
Monet was purchased by General Mills in 1968. It became a subsidiary of Crystal Brands Jewelry Groups from 1989 -1994 and was seen as the company's recession-proof bright spot, making up almost half of all department store costume jewelry sales

Later, Monet was acquired by Chase Capital Partners, Lattice Holding - a division of the Monet Group and includes the jewelry names Marvella and Tafari.

Monet was purchased in July 2000, by Liz Claiborne and relocated to Puerto Rico. The Monet jewelry group includes the names Monet, Marvella, Ciani, and Tafari.

Vintage Monet Jewelry Marks

Monet was the first costume jewelry brand house to add their company trademark to the pieces they manufactured, which was considered a daring concept in the 20s and 30s.  

Monet practically pioneered the way for brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Nowadays, it’s common for jewelry brands to have their logo on all of their designs.

The following are some of the marks used by Monet over the years:

1927-1937: Monocraft
1937 and after: Monet
Monet Jewelers
Monet Sterling
Monet (jewelers tag)
Monet with copyright symbol used after 1955

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