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Article: Nettie Rosenstein Jewelry: For Women Who Dare to be Different

Nettie Rosenstein Jewelry: For Women Who Dare to be Different - DSF Antique Jewelry

Nettie Rosenstein Jewelry: For Women Who Dare to be Different

People who appreciate high-quality, complex custom jewelry will definitely adore the refined creations of Nettie Rosenstein.

All little girls play with dolls, making them dresses and accessories. But not all of them become famous fashion designers.

Today, we’ll talk about a woman who can be considered the embodiment of the American dream: from a little emigrant who made her own clothes as a child, to a world-famous jewelry designer. Decades after her death, American women still long for her elegant and surprising costume jewelry.

Nettie Rosenstein – Short Biography

Born in 1890 in Salzburg, Austria, Nettie Rosencrans gained success and recognition as a fashion and jewelry designer in America.

Her parents moved to Harlem, New York, while she was a young child. Since childhood, she was passioned about fashion and design. She started making her own clothes when she was only 11 years old. Later, Nettie made custom-designed dresses for her parents’ customers and the neighborhood ladies.

As a young woman, Nettie married a businessman who ran a women’s underwear business. After marriage, under the surname of her husband – Rosenstein - Nettie began her career in the fashion world.

She first created. But she didn't stop there. Her talent and vision helped her move to the next level: clothes, linens, bags, perfumes, and, finally, costume jewelry.

Nettie Rosenstein proved to be a talented designer and her work knew a stunning success. In 1938 she received the Neiman Marcus Fashion Award for her collection.

The Depression did not hold Nettie back at all - in 1937, the business grossed $1 million. As her name became more and more appreciated, her creations became more expensive, reaching hundreds of dollars, which was a large amount for those times.

But people did not pay those high prices only for the "label". They didn't just pay the name but rather the quality and exquisite designs, since Nettie Rosenstein's jewelry was elegant and made in perfect detail.

She made real works of art fashioned from sterling vermeil, portrait jewelry, as well as jewelry pieces with heraldic or Far Eastern motifs.

In 1947, Nettie Rosenstein received a new important award in the fashion world – The Coty Award. She designed pieces for celebrities and famous people including First Lady Mamie Eisenhower. She even created the dress of the First Lady for the inauguration ceremony of the US president.

Nettie had a long-term business partner, Sol L. Klein, who continued to design and manufacture costume jewelry and accessories until 1975. He retired in 1975, same as Nettie.

Nettie Rosenstein died at the age of 90, in March 1980. Though the brand ceased to exist in 1975 when both Nettie and Sol L. Klein retired, Rosenstein jewelry continues to be appreciated as they are bold, unusual, and yes, many of them are really spectacular.

How to recognize Nettie Rosenstein Jewelry

Nettie’s jewelry is almost always hallmarked with her name spelled out in full in a script font. Sometimes it is "framed" with an oval; sometimes in a rectangle; sometimes "STERLING" appears with it.

Nettie Rosenstein's sterling silver pieces and her heraldic motif pieces are probably the most desired by jewelry collectors.

Materials Used in Nettie Rosenstein Jewelry

Gold-plated sterling silver
Sterling Silver
Silver-toned metal
Gold-plated metal
Glass beads
Hand-faceted glass beads
Pate de verre (ground glass colored and poured into a mold)
Faux emeralds
Faux pearls
Faux ivory
Carved amber
Mother of Pearl
Satin beads

We do hope you'll visit our online shop and check out what Rosenstein pieces are available. You'll surely be surprised and delighted!

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