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Article: Pierre Cardin - The French Fashion Pioneer That Amazed the World

Pierre Cardin - The French Fashion Pioneer That Amazed the World - DSF Antique Jewelry
Fashion Pioneer

Pierre Cardin - The French Fashion Pioneer That Amazed the World

French designer Pierre Cardin build a fashion empire worth billions that includes everything from clothes, perfumes, bags, shoes, to watches and jewelry.

Pierre Cardin, the son of Italian migrants in France, opened his fashion house in 1949, and in time became famous all over the world. He was a true leader in art, business, and public diplomacy, a brilliant visionary, and prêt-à-porter pioneer.

The great designer has left France and the world a unique artistic heritage.

Pierre Cardin was appreciated for the tenacity and boldness he has shown throughout his life, a modern man, with many skills and inexhaustible energy.

Pierre Cardin - The History of a Ground-Breaking Designer

Pierre Cardin was born in San Biaggio di Callatla, near Venice, on July 2, 1922. According to Agerpres, at the age of two, he left with his family for France and then grew up in Saint Etienne. In 1945, he settled in Paris.

He studied architecture and began collaborating with designers such as Paquin and Schiaparelli. Here he met Jean Cocteau and Christian Berard, with whom he designed masks and costumes for films, including "The Beauty and the Beast" ("La Belle et la Bęte").

In February 1946, Pierre Cardin left to work for the famous designer Christian Dior, who had already opened his own business.
Pierre Cardin French Fashion Pioneer That Amazed the World
According to his official website, in 1950, he founded his own fashion house at 10 rue Richepanse. In 1953, Pierre Cardin presented his first collection dedicated to ladies. The "bubble" type dress has become a huge success all over the world. A first boutique named "Eve" was opened on rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré - Paris 8č.

The year 1957 was marked by the opening of the second men's store, called "Adam". He began creating colorful ties and printed T-shirts and paid a visit to Japan, becoming the first Western designer to look for inspiration in this part of the world. He became an honorary professor at the Bunka Fukosa School of Design.

Pierre Cardin Wins Award After Award

In September 1958, Pierre Cardin received the Young Designers Award in Boston, USA. In 1959, he presented the first collection for women in the "Printemps" store in Paris, and the following year, the first collection dedicated to men, called the "Cylinder" line - the "Cylinder" line presented by a number of 250 French students.

In 1961, Pierre Cardin began distributing "ready to wear" men's lines, followed in 1963 by the "ready to wear" women's line. In 1962, the Pierre Cardin Prize was founded in Japan, the Bunka Fukosa School of Design Award for Best Designer of the Year.

In 1966, he presented the first collection dedicated to children, presented by triplets from Paris. In the same year, he opened a men's boutique and a studio on the sixth floor of building 59 on rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. In 1968, Pierre Cardin opened the first children's boutique, also on 8 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

In 1970, the "Espace Pierre Cardin" ("Pierre Cardin Space") opened at avenue Gabriel, Paris, a space that houses a theater, a cinema, and an exhibition hall.

In 1973 he received the "Bazilica Palladiana", an award given annually to a successful Venetian. In 1976 he was awarded the "Commander of the Order of Merit".

The year 1977 brought him Golden Thimble from French Haute-Couture for the most creative collection of the season, a title he won twice - in 1979 and 1982.

In 1978 he was awarded the "Prestige Tourism" certificate, a distinction received for his contribution to the development of French tourism.

Pierre Cardin Extends his Business Even Wider

In 1977, Pierre Cardin bought the Maxim store line and used it to sell his own creations. Between 1978 and 1979, Pierre Cardin was in China where he opened stores under his own name.

In October 1980 he celebrated 30 years of activity at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and opened a new office to deal with business in America.

In 1985 he received the Fashion Oscar from the French Fashion Industry in Paris. A year later, he signed a contract with Russia and opened a 10,000-square-foot showroom for his "ready to wear" lines.

In 1991 he was awarded the title of Honorary Ambassador of UNESCO, his name being linked to many charity activities.

During the 26th edition of the Olympic Games held in Atlanta (USA) in 1996, he presented the "Evolution" collection, inaugurating at the same time his new presentation space "Blue Sky".

In 2000 he launched the magazine "Parfum et Senteurs".

On May 25, 2007, Pierre Cardin received the New York Fashion Award from the CFDA, and on November 18, he was awarded the Commander Order for Cultural Merits offered by the Prince of Monaco at the Monaco Embassy in Paris.

Pierre Cardin Produced A Musical - "Dorian Gray"

In addition to fashion, Pierre Cardin also produced a musical entitled "Dorian Gray", inspired by the work of Oscar Wilde, which premiered at La Fenice in Venice in August 2016.

"Dorian Gray" is a musical that intertwines pop and classical music, the costumes used by the performers being created by Pierre Cardin. The title role in the world premiere was played by Matteo Setti, known in Italy for his role as Gringoire in the musical comedy "Notre-Dame de Paris".

The famous designer Pierre Cardin died on December 29, 2020, at the age of 98, at a hospital in Neuilly, west of Paris. He left the world an amazing artistic heritage and a fashion empire that is worth billions of dollars. According to his own statement, his path was predetermined, even as a child he sewed clothes for dolls.

"I have always worked in my own style, which is different from all others. It was always my intention to be different because that is the only way to last", Pierre Cardin said.

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