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Article: Polcini Jewelry – The Perfect Jewels For Beauty Seekers

Polcini Jewelry – The Perfect Jewels For Beauty Seekers - DSF Antique Jewelry

Polcini Jewelry – The Perfect Jewels For Beauty Seekers

Ralph Polcini, the creator of the famous brands Ledo jewelry, and Polcini jewelry, is one of the historical designers that charmed the jewelry scene.

Although Ledo and Polcini aren’t common names in the collectible jewelry realm, they do come up for sale from time to time.

The History Behind Polcini Jewelry

Ralph Polcini, an Italian master goldsmith who emigrated to America in the early twentieth century, started Leading Jewelry Manufacturing Company in 1911 in Mamaroneck, New York.

Polcini jewelry stood out quite well and many pieces were sold after World War II.

In 1948 or 1949, Polcini renamed his jewelry company Ledo.

His son Damon Polcini took over the company and changed its name to Polcini MFG. Co. after his father's passing in 1963.

Damon Polcini passed away in 1984, but the company moved forward for a few years.

One of the things Polcini jewelry is so appreciated for was the fact that the company mainly produced rhodium-plated metal pieces with transparent rhinestones in the Art Deco style.

The Markings Of Polcini Jewelry

From 1948 through 1963, jewelry made by Polcini was marked Ledo in one of several different ways.

The Ledo brand was written in capital letters from 1948 to 1949.

The Polcini jewelry insignia first appeared on items in the early 1960s.

Also, the Lee Menichi for Polcini "designer" line debuted in 1971 for a brief period of time.

Despite being created decades later, the Lee Menichi compositions frequently had the 1920s or 1930s feel to them.

Sometimes the Polcini jewelry marks include a date, much to the delight of collectors.

Polcini Jewelry vs Ledo Jewelry

Polcini jewelry and Ledo jewelry were extremely popular. The exquisite beauty of brooches, necklaces, and beautiful jewelry with an expressive style rivaled the best works of costume jewelry.

These pieces of jewelry had designs that were in vogue: brooches, pendants, and figurines of people, animals, and birds were fashioned from exquisite twigs and flowers.

Made by hand and with great skill and high quality, Ledo and Polcini jewelry surpassed many competitors.

The artistry on each item of Polcini's costume jewelry is recognized.

This was a higher-grade brand of costume jewelry, and customers adored their collection since it combined a lovely costume piece look with fine jewelry quality craft.

Materials used in Polcini jewelry included gold-plated metal, colorful crystals of saturated colors, glass, plastic, and celluloid. Not to mention that the metal was subjected to brushing.

Flowers, human figures, and diverse representations of flora and wildlife "came alive" in the hands of the company's master jewelers, whose jewelry design reflected the most contemporary and current trends in jewelry art.

Polcini Jewelry - Not Only For Collectors

Ledo and Polcini jewelry was a highly well-known brand in the middle of the 20th century, and because of its exceptional quality and reasonable pricing on the vintage jewelry market, it is today regarded as a valuable designer brand.

Also, marked Ledo and Polcini jewelry are genuine rarities and very popular with collectors and enthusiasts.

However, you don't have to be a collector to enjoy the finesse and beauty of Ledo and Polcini jewelry.

The jewelry designed by Polcini can be bought both as an anniversary gift and to match your wife's elegant dress during a romantic dinner.

Beautiful things are meant to be appreciated, and Ledo and Polcini jewelry definitely falls into this category.

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