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Article: Small Eyes? Glasses? These Special Make-up Tricks Will Solve Your Problems

Small Eyes? Glasses? These Special Make-up Tricks Will Solve Your Problems - DSF Antique Jewelry

Small Eyes? Glasses? These Special Make-up Tricks Will Solve Your Problems

Small Eyes? Glasses? Don't worry, you can create a beautiful make-up look using Lancôme make-up artist Roberto Siguero's special tricks.

The eyes are usually the trickiest part of makeup. If you have small, sunken, slanted eyes... The truth is, it's hard to find the ideal makeup shape to make your eyes look bigger. Add to this the use of optical glasses that eclipse the eye, and the goal of creating a beautiful look becomes very complicated.

Roberto Siguero, Lancôme's national make-up artist and winner of the "Golden Brush" award for Best International Make-up Artist, reveals some tricks to follow to achieve a striking look.

Special Make-up Tricks For People With Small Eyes Or Glasses

How To Make You Eyes Look Bigger

If you have small eyes, you should pay close attention to them. According to Lancôme's make-up artist, "when the outlines outside the eye are done with a very dark pencil, you'll look like you have bigger eyes. It's a basic trick. "

Small Eyes? Glasses Special Make-up Tricks Will Solve Your Problems

The expert recommended making a thicker line from the middle of the eye outwards and contouring the corner of the eye well to get a look, a bigger look.

"Eyeliner is always more intense and if we extend the corner of the eye more, we get the eye-widening effect," Roberto Siguero says.

Shadows - another key aspect. All light colors help create a more penetrating and clean look, while dark colors reduce and correct the shape of the eyes.

"If you have deep, deep-set eyes, ideally use light colors, while if you have nervous eyes a dark tone should be used," the make-up artist advises.

To achieve a beautiful look, it's ideal to work with two colors. The light light color should be applied in the corner of the eye (near the nose), and the dark color at the outer end of the eye. The shades should blend into each other with an appropriate brush for the mobile eyelid and visually it will make your eye more almond-shaped.

How To Use Make-Up If You Wear Glasses

If you wear glasses there are several points you should keep in mind. Firstly, the type of frame. If you are nearsighted, the glasses you use will shrink your eyes, and if the frame is thick, have a double problem because this type of frame (frame) makes your eyes much smaller.

"It's imperative that in these cases you exaggerate with a point of shadows and eyeliner. You will have to increase the intensity of your makeup and abuse mascara. It is important to curl and make up the lower and upper lashes to open up the look and apply enough product, especially at the ends," Roberto Siguero explained.

When using glasses that make your eyes look bigger, you have to take into account that errors will be more visible, so it's important to blend the makeup well. In this case, the eyes can be framed with a dark pencil shade and tint the waterline (inner part of the lower lid) with the same color to give depth to the look.

How To Maintain A Perfect Makeup In Summer

One difficulty in summer is keeping your makeup looking flawless despite the heat. To achieve this, it is necessary to use eye shadows and waterproof eyeliners, explaining that one of the French brand's innovations is Grandios Liner, which lasts a long time.

Lancôme's national make-up artist also recommends using an eyeliner that is applied to the eyelid before using eyeshadows and eyeliners, as this makes the color more intense and lasts much longer, even on the beach.

 Makeup In Summer Maintain Perfect Makeup In Summers

 Photo cover: @antonioterronphoto

Picture Credit: Roberto Siguero / Instagram

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