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Article: Sorrell Jewelry - High-Quality Workmanship And Uniqueness

Sorrell Jewelry - High-Quality Workmanship And Uniqueness - DSF Antique Jewelry

Sorrell Jewelry - High-Quality Workmanship And Uniqueness

When you talk about Sorrell jewelry you talk about one of the most prestigious names in the jewelry world, prized by many for its distinctive designs.

Sorrell jewelry is the creation of Robert Sorrell, described by some as a man of gentle humor and quick wit who has been able to steer clear of a perilous world of egos, reputations, and unhealthy temptations.

Also, the creator of Sorrell jewelry was described as a gentle, intelligent man with a dry sense of humor who has gained a lot of wisdom over the course of long careers in window-dressing, restaurant service, theater, ballet, and the fashion industry.

Sorrell Jewelry - The Magnificent Journey

The history of the Sorrell jewelry brand began in 1985 when New York designer Robert Sorrell founded Sorrell Originals.

Robert Sorrell produced one-of-a-kind costume jewelry through his business, and some of it has been featured in some of the most esteemed collections worldwide.

Actually, Sorrell once asserted that he had the ability to design unique items of jewelry.

Robert was born and reared in New York City in a low-income household, so he was aware of the relationship between effort and achievement.

In an interview with The Jewelry Journey, Robert Sorrell said that when he was a little boy and saw his mother's jewelry, he developed an admiration for it.

So, even at a young age, little Robert understood that jewelry has a significant impact on people's life.

"One thing that I always like to say is that I think I got fascinated by jewelry, to begin with on account of some things that my mother, which looking back on it, if I saw them today, they would probably seem like junk to me, but I used to like to take all of her jewelry.

She had one of those velvet-lined jewelry boxes which seemed very glamorous to me and she had artificial pearls with Austrian crystal beads and some chain necklaces," said the man behind Sorrell jewelry.

Subsequently, inspired by the 1960s hippy trend of vividly colored bracelets and beads and the 1970s rebirth of costume jewelry, Robert decided to work as an assistant to a local jeweler to learn how to make jewelry.

"I learned the soft-soldering technique from a friend of mine who was instrumental in the leaded glass lampshade category. In the 1970s, there was a big revival for that with Tiffany lamps when they sort were rediscovered. I learned soldering from him."

"I worked as an errand boy for a precious jeweler, a small, little guy down in the village who taught me some things and then when I would see other people making jewelry, I would ask questions, but no, I never went to any sort of formal jewelry school or anything like that. I just gathered information and put it together myself and I think that yeah, that’s how the jewelry journey began," Robert continued in the same interview.
Sorrell Jewelry - High-Quality Workmanship Vintage
Robert also looked at the jewelry designs of Charles Loloma, who was renowned for giving his creations an "inner beauty" by putting stones both inside and outside of the jewelry so that the wearer would be constantly reminded of the inner beauty of each item.

The creator of Sorrell jewelry was also influenced by vintage films and Hollywood icons like Garbo dazzling in Joseph of Hollywood bijoux.

Sorrell finally taught himself how to make jewelry by using solder and metal parts, and his jewelry displays a variety of designs and techniques that he has mastered.

Original Content

Robert’s distinctive costume jewelry was well-liked in the 1980s and 1990s because of its fine craftsmanship and inventive design.

As a matter of fact, Sorrell jewelry is comprised of one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry and is highly regarded for its originality.

Robert saw his 1995 cooperation with French couturier Thierry Mugler, for whose fashion show he produced more than 60 items of jewelry, as a significant occasion.

He gained international fame as a jewelry designer as a result of this partnership.

The finest crystals and rhinestones from Austria and the Czech Republic, as well as gold and silver tone alloys, were employed by Sorrell artisans.

Celebrities such as Madeleine Albright and RuPaul have donned Sorrell jewelry, which has been used to accessorize Paris Couture, Broadway and Off-Broadway productions, the New York City Ballet, Cirque du Soleil, Victoria's Secret runway shows, and Hollywood films.

Also, Robert had displays at the Arizona State Museum in Tucson and the Wheelwright Museum in Santa Fe.

Sorrell jewelry is typically identified by the inscription "Sorrell Originals" in ornate script on an oval cartouche.

You can find some of the unique Sorrell jewelry in our DSF Antique Jewelry online store as well.

Sorrell Costume Jewelry

It should be noted that the man behind the Sorrell jewelry brand had a clear understanding of the importance of costume jewelry.

He claimed that, occasionally, costume jewelry is manufactured especially when it is required to match a particular attire.

"It’s to create an effect, and then they used to insist on calling it fashion jewelry because that was somehow nicer than costume jewelry but really, that’s just semantics. If you’re going to put together a costume and you need a pair of great, big bangle bracelets to really set it off, you’re not going to go to Tiffany and have something made for that. You’re going to go to Bergdorf’s and buy something in the costume jewelry department. So no, it’s not pejorative at all," he explained.

Vintage costume jewelry is striking and not constrained by the use of pricey materials and precious metals.

Costume jewelry was extremely fashionable throughout the 1930s as many ladies tried to emulate the glitz of movie stars.
Sorrell Jewelry Necklaces
As a less expensive alternative to real jewelry, ladies continued to purchase costume jewelry into the twenty-first century.

Many of the costume pieces created during the costume jewelry craze of the 1920s have since become collectibles, with prices that are now almost as high as those of gold and diamonds.


It's not too often that a jewelry designer is involved in theater… but Sorrell was.

Asked how he get into the theater business, Robert said:

"The first time I ever saw my jewelry on stage was actually for a student production of—and here’s an idea for a specific thing - the Oscar Wilde play, ‘An Ideal Husband’, has certain specific jewelry requirements that are in the script. So I had to come up with an idea and it also had to look like a snake or something because I think it’s in the script and that was the first time."


Sorrell jewelry is now incredibly rare and highly collectible and is often featured in jewelry guides.

While some Sorrell jewelry may come in more than one variation, none of them are exactly alike, which is one of the reasons.

It is therefore important for collectors to own and hunt unique pieces.

However, the beauty of Sorrell jewelry can also be enjoyed by lovers of beautiful things or, obviously, elegant ladies who want to stand out at a banquet or, of course, a night at the theater.

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