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Article: The Classy Chanel Bag From "Emily in Paris"

The Classy Chanel Bag From "Emily in Paris" - DSF Antique Jewelry

The Classy Chanel Bag From "Emily in Paris"

Have you seen the classy Chanel bag Emily wears in Episode 4 "A kiss is just a kiss"? It's pure magic, my dear ladies! And you can now buy it here for yourself.

"Emily in Paris", the fancy series launched by Netflix, has become one of the most-watched TV shows in the world. Fashion experts and enthusiasts are talking and debating endlessly about some of the outfits worn by actress Lily Collins, who plays Emily.

Stylist Patricia Field created the fascinating outfits that combine trends of recent years with timeless references, a few clichés about how Americans and Asians think a French girl would dress, and a bit of Audrey Hepburn, the personality Lily Collins has modeled her entire career after. In fact, Lily was one of the main producers of the show.

Emily is dressed as a young girl from the new generation of "influencers", keeping within the bounds of decency, common sense, and a stylish look even when she goes for a run.
lily collins actress emily in paris
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Criticized by some, loved by others, Emily's wardrobe certainly has its own special charm and fans love it.

The Classy Chanel Bag From "Emily in Paris"

Let's get back to the tweed crossbody Chanel bag Emily wears in Episode 4 "A kiss is just a kiss". It is a rare Chanel accessory that is worth all of our attention.

This stunning bag features a checked pink tweed exterior with gold hardware. In the episode, Emily styles it, in her own distinctive way, with a red cropped top and skirt set along with a red velvet coat.
Netflix The Classy Chanel Bag From Emily in Paris
Now you can buy for yourself this special Chanel from "Emily in Paris". Check out now the DSF Antique Jewelry online store!

Many Fashion Enthusiasts Love "Emily in Paris"

The success of the production is explained by the moment of escape it offers in times when reality seems hard to bear. To begin with, the series takes you to one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in the world, Paris.

The script captures the character types of "Sex and The City" and "Gossip Girl" and has a dynamic pace in which every situation is resolved. Overall, the tone is upbeat, playful, and cheerful, providing an example of how to stay constantly set on finding solutions.

One of the appealing points of the show is, of course, the dazzling wardrobe of Emily.

Filled with luxurious pieces, including some signed by Chanel, Alexandre Vauthier, and Christian Siriano, the wardrobe designed by Patricia Field, the same one behind the outfits of Carrie Bradshaw, the main character of the famous "Sex and the City" series certainly had us a bit stunned, wanting to see the next seasons to be able to watch the stylistic maturation of Emily.

"Emily in Paris" has definitely launched some trends when it comes to clothing and accessories, the fans of the series noticing some objects that have a Parisian air, perfect for anyone's wardrobe. Among them is the classy Chanel bag we mentioned earlier.

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