The Designer Hat - A Symbol Of Pure Elegance

The designer hat is back in vogue among young people. It's a symbol of pure elegance and refinement, fashion experts say.

The hat is not just a clothing accessory, it's a symbol of elegance. This description was used by the organizer of a recent European exhibition where this clothing symbol is the centerpiece.

Many people have reintroduced the hat into their everyday attire. Of course, it's important to know how to choose the perfect hats for you, as well as how to wear them according to each season and specific outfit.

Famous hat designer Kristina Dragomir, renowned for her collaborations with international celebrities, recommends fashion enthusiasts to go and ask the help of specialists when choosing a designer hat.

"A designer hat and a visit to a designer's studio, apart from the artistic variety of the designs, can build these surmesur shapes. The designer can adapt them according to each individual person taking into account many elements such as hair color, face shape, skin color", the hat designer explained.
The most commonly used for hats these days is fedora, a material that young people love and which is also unisex, says the designer.

The Designer Hat Is Again Trendy

In the last decade, people have started to stop shying away from this accessory and combine it with all kinds of clothes.

"I don't wear hats much, but now I think I'll think about wearing a hat again. I thought it flattens my hair", said a participant to the fashion exposition according to Pro TV.
hat chanel-2006-black-straw-women-s-fedora-hat
"Discovering this exhibition, I started to get courage and now I wear a hat or a beret at least once or twice a week," said another woman.

In the past, hats were worn with suits to cover the body. Back then it was thought that the body was something "grotesque" and only the soul was to be seen.

"It is not just a clothing accessory, it is a symbol of elegance, of honor, it shows the social and economic status of the person, nationality, age, but also character and mood", Oana Tiganus, the creator of the exhibition, remarked.

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