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Article: The Fantastic Antique Jewelry of Froment-Meurice

The Fantastic Antique Jewelry of Froment-Meurice - DSF Antique Jewelry
Antique Jewelry

The Fantastic Antique Jewelry of Froment-Meurice

Froment-Meurice is one of the most famous silver and goldsmiths of the 19th century. His antique jewelry pieces are true works of art, brilliantly executed.

Born in Paris in 1802, Francois-Desiré Froment was the son of the Parisian goldsmith François Froment who stated his bussines in 1792. After his father passed away prematurely, his mother married another goldsmith named Pierre Meurice. Froment then takes his stepfather’s name.

After he finished his apprenticing, Froment-Meurice takes over the family workshop became particularly famous between 1830 and 1840 for his romantic-inspired jewels in neo-Gothic and Renaissance styles, where Gothic-inspired motifs frame three-dimensional figures of knights, angels, and saints decorated with polychrome enamels.

According to Maglia Gioielii, François Désiré was not only an expert in goldsmith techniques but was also educated in the arts in general, and he was particularly interested in sculpture. The jeweler was part of the artistic circles of his time in Paris.

Froment-Meuric's jewelry pieces are very original and sculptural, and often figurative.
A Rare Antique Froment-Meurice Gold Diamond Pearl Brooch

As Ernst Farber noted, Froment-Meurice exhibited pieces with free and naturalistic shapes, which draw on the influences of the Mannerist and Baroque masters and Renaissance paintings, in particular the female form which features heavily in his jewelry designs within an architectural frame.

Froment-Meurice Achieved Tremendous Success

The goldsmith receives numerous awards for his exquisite jewelry, including the title Orfèvre-joallier of Paris in 1849. Not long after that, in 1851, he achieved huge success at the London Universal Exhibition with his production of Neo-Gothic and Neo-Renaissance ornaments.

He worked closely with another "titan" in the world of jewelry - the famous Jules Wiése.

Froment-Meuric died in 1855 just before the opening of the Exposition Universelle in Paris, widely considered to be the pinnacle of his success.

Upon his death, his business was passed to his son, Émile, who took over the workshop until 1913. He designed the Paris Tiara, given to Pope Leo the XIII in 1888 by the city of Paris for his golden anniversary.

Some of Froment-Meuric's works of art can still be admired today as museum exhibits.

For example, in the Carnavalet Museum, we can find the ceremonial cradle the brilliant jeweler created for the birth of Prince Imperial Eugène-Louis Napoleon.

Likewise, the South Kensington Museum in London hosts a remarkable collection acquired by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. It's truly extraordinary!

Froment-Meuric's antique jewelry pieces are extremely rare and sought after by refined collectors across the world.

Today, you have a rare opportunity to own one of his most exquisite masterpieces yourself - a rare antique Froment-Meurice gold diamond pearl brooch.

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