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Article: The Fascinating Life of the Heir to the Hermes Empire

The Fascinating Life of the Heir to the Hermes Empire - DSF Antique Jewelry

The Fascinating Life of the Heir to the Hermes Empire

The great fashion designer Hubert Guerrand-Hermes, the heir to the Hermes empire, lived a luxurious and fascinating life. He was part of one of the most important families in the international luxury industry, a symbol of work and discretion.

Thiery Hermes founded the company that bears his name in 1837, in Paris. He started by making leather saddles, after which he became attracted to the fashion world, where he quickly took a leading position. His leather accessories, watches, silk scarves, etc. soon became a symbol of distinction and refinement.

Hubert Guerrand, the son of Jean Guerrand and Aline Hermes, studied commerce and advertising at the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in Paris and become part of the group of managers who managed the family's businesses.

He married Rosalina Alvares Pereira, the eldest daughter of the Duke of Cadaval, one of the most distinguished Portuguese families, with whom he had only one daughter, Olympia.
Many of his friends said that Hubert Guerrand Hermes was a charismatic character, but also very disciplined. He was said to have been a good hunter, skier, and tennis player, with a great sense of humor.

Hubert was also president of the World Heritage Foundation (WHF) for several years - the largest private non-profit association for the restoration of artistic monuments. He contributed to the rehabilitation of more than 500 monuments worldwide.

Recollections of a Good Friend

Portuguese businessman Joao Flores was a good friend of Hubert Guerrand Hermes.

"He invited me several times to dinner at his home in Paris, on the Rive Gauche, near the German Embassy. It was in one of those Parisian streets parallel to the Seine, where you meet quiet neighborhoods, imposing houses. His was one of those houses with a charming garden. He collected modern art and porcelain, and especially many of the objects that were sold at auction and that belonged to his political family, the Dukes of Cadaval", said Joao Flores.

The Portuguese businessman met Hubert Guerrand-Hermes on the occasion of hunts organized on Spanish territory.

"He was a skillful hunter from France, always with a sense of honor and a lot of humor. I remember that at the partridge hunts in Oropesa (Toledo), he came in the company of Francisco Del, then president of L'Oreal", remembered Joao Flores.

His good friend tells us that Hubert Guerrand-Hermes "loved life a lot".

"He was a music lover who never missed a festival in Salzburg or Bayreuth; he was a collector of contemporary art and a member of two of the world's most sophisticated clubs: Brooks and Shikar in London. He received the Commendation of Enrique Navigator and the Legion of Honor of France distinctions", said Joao Flores.

Hubert Left Behind an Accomplished Empire

Hubert Guerrand-Hermes passed away in his home in Paris, on 25 May 2016, at aged 75, leaving behind a timeless legacy.

The Hermes fashion house is well known for its Birkin bags that can fetch up to 10,000 dollars. Even in times of crisis, the house has been able to hire workers in leather goods workshops for luxury bags.

The famous fashion house is specialized in various leather products, lifestyle accessories, perfumes, jewelry, and luxury goods.

The Hermes logo dates back to the 1950s and is a horse-drawn carriage. The company's success stems from the exquisite designs and high quality of its products.

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