The Story of Lady Diana's Diamond and Emerald Necklace that Got Stuck on the Princess' Head

Princess Diana was a fashion "influencer" even before this word appeared in society. She was extremely popular for her elegance and simple but striking style.

And when it come to jewelry, she really wore some emblematic pieces that made a huge impact on the public.

The princess loved to wear diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, natural pearls, as well as other precious stones on every occasion.

Considered the most famous set of the late Princess of Hearts, it was composed of a large pendant, a bracelet, earrings, and a luxury watch, each inlaid with sapphires and diamonds. The very opulent collection is called the "Saudi Suite" and was estimated in the past at several million dollars.

We also remember that, on the day of her wedding to Prince Charles, heir to the British crown, Diana wore the invaluable "Spencer" tiara, that was in her family from the time of Queen Victoria.

From her family's jewelry to some received from the Queen or others borrowed from Spencer's family jeweler, Collingwood, the Princess of Wales always had at least one memorable piece at the public events she attended.

Among her special jewelry pieces, we all know about her famous diamond and emerald choker, which she last wore on her 36th birthday.

Princess Diana received this spectacular piece as a wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth which, in turn, got the necklace from her grandmother, Queen Mary, in 1953. Lady D received a lot of amazing jewelry from Queen Elizabeth when she joined the royal family in 1981.
The Story of Lady Diana's Diamond and Emerald Necklace
Princess Diana wore this special diamond and emerald choker on her head as a Bandeau during her dance with Prince Charles in Melbourne, and as a choker to other events.

How Did Princess Diana End Up Wearing the Choker on Her Head?

During the 1985 Australian Royal Tour with her husband, Prince Charles, the princess was pictured wearing the spectacular necklace not at the base of her neck, as she usually did, but on her forehead,  while dancing with Charles at a dinner in Melbourne.

Although Diana's outfit managed to be very glamorous, a royal expert claimed that the princess did not intend to wear the choker on her head and that this was, in fact, an accident.

The royal biographer Kitty Kelley says that this diamond and emerald gold necklace got stuck while the princess tried to pass it over her head and wear it around her neck. The moment it got stuck in her forehead and failed to get over her nose, the Canadian diplomat Victor Chapman, present, convinced princess Diana to wear it like a tiara, which happened.

Jewelry experts estimate that the value of the world-renowned choker would be around 20 million dollars.

Princess Diana's jewelry collection was not only extensive, but also incredibly iconic, and after her death, her pieces were worn by several members of the royal family.

Whether they were inherited directly or simply worn on special occasions, every time Diana's jewelry is unveiled, they always manage to impress the public.

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