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Article: The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Perfume For You

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Perfume For You - DSF Antique Jewelry

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Perfume For You

Since ancient times, perfume has been a fountain of inspiration, seduction, elegance, and mystery. Here's a guide to choosing the best perfume for you.

How do we choose the perfume we like best or the perfect fragrance for a special occasion? Experts in the field say it's a matter of scent and personality. Scents are a perfect medium to stir up memories, they transport us to certain places, or remind us of certain people - this is the secret of fragrance.

There is an infinity of fragrances constantly forming, it is a vast trade. Perfume complements our personal presence, and an expert can answer a number of questions that arise when choosing a fragrance.

How To Choose The Best Perfume For You - Ultimate Guide

The first thing we need to know is that there is no manual to guide us to a particular men's or women's fragrance.

Referring to aromatic preferences is like talking about personalized tastes, which makes it impossible to define the exclusive elements of a fragrance. When we decide to choose a specific perfume, that fragrance actually creates connections between the aroma and our tastes, memories, or aspirations.

When choosing a perfume we need to have a minimum of knowledge about the subject and therefore it is good to pay attention to the following factors:

1. Define Your Personality And Tastes

There are certain floral or fruit flavors that you like. You need to know the style of fragrance to use and on what occasion.

You can't use the same fragrance all the time: choose one fragrance for a business dinner, another for a romantic date with your partner, and another for sports, etc.

You have to distinguish the situations for which you choose fragrances, the aim being to give you a good feeling: this would be the golden rule.

2. Try The Fragrance

In order to fully understand the flavor you want (the fragrance), you need to try it in the right way:

- Don't try it on the palm, as this is an area that sweats just like the throat. Try it in areas with a pulse: the neck and fist.

- Wait 30 minutes to see the effect, as perfumes have three varieties of tones.

- Don't try near jewelry or accessories that give acidity to the skin.

3. Choose The Formula You Want For Your Perfume

Perfumes are structured in different ways to make them last longer or shorter, and if you think that it's the durability that determines the quality of a perfume, you're wrong.

Formulas fall into four categories:

- eau de cologne: duration 1 hour;

- eau de toilette: duration 2 hours;

- eau de parfum: lasts 4 hours (has a higher quantity of oil);

- perfume: duration 6 hours (highest concentration of all elements).

4. Correct Place And Quantity

Perfumes have always been an item of seduction and that is why there are specific places to be perfumed: neck, nape of the neck, neckline, chest, and behind the ears.

It is preferable not to apply a large amount of perfume.

5. Do Not Rub

It is a mistake to rub the perfume on the skin after application, as rubbing prevents the tones in the composition from coming out at the right time. A fragrance has three tones in its composition:

- Outgoing notes: there are always notes of various fruits and citrus fruits

- Body note: floral accords

- Base note: amber or wood

Rubbing the fragrance on the skin mixes all the notes and stops the original aroma from coming out.

After these tips, all you have to do is take your time and start trying out different scents to choose the best perfume for you. At first, you may hesitate because of the large number of fragrances, but with a little patience, instinct will take over. Don't hesitate to change scents according to mood, season, or occasion.

How Do We Know If A Perfume Is Original Or Fake?

One of the questions that can arise when buying a good perfume is whether the perfume you are buying is really original or fake.

If you want to know what to check to know if a perfume is genuine or not, we offer you some hints.

Always Buy Your Favorite Perfume In Its Original Box

One of the first things you should check is that the perfume is in its original packaging.

To know if the packaging is original or not, search the internet for information on the original packaging so you can check if the box is the same.

Check Out The Box Cellophane

If you are lucky enough to see the box, that is, if you are not shopping online, it is important to carefully observe whether the box is wrapped in the original cellophane. It's true that not all brands use cellophane, but the quality ones do.

You can tell the cellophane of an imitation box from the original. The cellophane of the original box is very thin and is not glued to the box, whereas in the case of poor-quality perfume boxes, the cellophane is very thick and glued.

Verify The Code

Another way to see if the perfume is of good quality or not is to observe the code on the bottom of the perfume bottle, which should match the code on the box. Make sure both codes are identical.

The Scent

If you've already bought the fragrance and want to sample it, put a few drops on a piece of paper. If after 24 hours the sheet still smells like the perfume, then you are looking at an original perfume.

The Atomizer

Make sure the atomizer of the perfume bottle is perfect. If you find that it is broken or leaking, then this is an indication that the contents have been tampered with.

Duration Of A Perfume

An unopened perfume lasts up to two years in its original packaging. After opening, it should be used in about 6 months, provided it is kept sealed.

Recycle The Perfume Packaging

Why? It is advisable to take care of the environment, but at the same time, empty perfume bottles are the main source of counterfeit perfumes. Those who sell counterfeit perfume will fill them up and sell them to us as originals.

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