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Article: Vendome Vintage Jewelry - Exquisite And Colorful

Vendome Vintage Jewelry - Exquisite And Colorful - DSF Antique Jewelry

Vendome Vintage Jewelry - Exquisite And Colorful

Vendome vintage jewelry is synonymous with a kind of sophistication and elegance that transcend any boundaries, they are true works of art that touch the soul.
Who doesn't love vintage jewelry? They bring not only glitter to our outfits but also the "scent" of a time when women were more feminine and men more gentlemen and more gallant. Times when life was less complicated...

But what kind of vintage jewelry is best to buy more specifically? How could you know the piece you'll choose is not only nice but also valuable? Well, if you allow us to give you some advice, we would recommend you to chose Vendome costume jewelry.

Adorned with high-quality European stones, colorful, and delightful designs, Vendome pieces are some of the most sought-after vintage jewelry.

You may think Vendome is a French jewelry house as the name of this brand sounds so Parisian and the jewelry is so exquisite... But no, Vendome is very-very American.

Vendome Jewelry - The "Spoiled" Child Of Coro

Vendome was the high-end division of Coro, a company founded in New York in 1901/1902 by two brilliant businessmen - Emanuel Cohn and Carl Rosenberger. They hired very talented professional jewelry designers who were allowed to develop their own creative visions and started producing and selling highly desirable costume jewelry.

In the beginning, the manufacturing of jewelry was outsourced until they established a factory in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1911. With offices or factories in New York and Providence, they had a presence in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Toronto, England, and Mexico. Coro jewelry - Cohn & Rosenberger's jewelry was sold in retail stores across the country and the company not only survived the New York stock market crash of 1929, but it thrived. Eventually, they became the largest costume jewelry company in the United States.

Cohn died in 1910, but the business kept his name. The company name remained Cohn & Rosenberger. The corporate name "Coro" was adopted on June 24, 1943, when the company officially changed its name to Coro, Inc. (CO for Cohn, RO for Rosenberger).

In 1944, Coro’s higher quality line called Corocraft was replaced by Vendôme. Vendome was meant to produce higher-end costume jewelry similar to the jewelry in Paris. That explains why the new division was named after Place Vendome - a fashionable square in Paris called Place Vendôme, known for its classy hotels and shops.

Initially, Vendome appeared as a mark on charm bracelets and faux pearl jewelry butt later on they became famous for the use of high-quality materials, such as rock crystal from Austria and Czechoslovakia, and sparkling artificial pearls.

How did they make a difference on the market? How was Vedome different from Coro and other houses in the costume jewelry field? Well, the quality of the materials they used and the excellence in design and craftsmanship made the difference.

While jewelry produced under the Coro brand was sold in general department stores, the Vendôme mark, more classy and expensive, was sold only in the finer specialty stores such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bloomingdale’s.

In 1953, the company separated from Coro and existed until 1979. In 1979, Coro went bankrupt and Vendôme, therefore, ceased operations.
Vendome Jewelry Pieces Are Made With High-Quality Stones

Vendome jewelry was made with high-quality European stones and beads. They used the best rhinestones and faceted crystal beads, clear and colored Lucite, and lustrous faux pearls. Not only the clarity and brilliance of the stones and the exquisite craftsmanship made them loved by the clientele but also their exquisite designs.

Innovative and elegant, employing moveable parts and rich enameling, Vendome pieces are a delight for the eyes: in floral or geometric shapes, they are colorful, bright, and vivid.

For many years, the head designer was Helen Marion. In her "era", the company released innovative jewelry designs, including a cubist series. Her inspiration came from Georges Braque, a French painter, well known for the role he played in the development of Cubism.
If you want to own an authentic Vendome jewelry piece for yourself, you have come to the right place. Check out DSF Antique Jewelry online store and choose the perfect one for you!

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