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Article: Vintage Gemstone Jewelry - How To Choose Your Perfect Piece

Vintage Gemstone Jewelry - How To Choose Your Perfect Piece - DSF Antique Jewelry

Vintage Gemstone Jewelry - How To Choose Your Perfect Piece

It's not necessarily easy to choose the perfect piece of vintage gemstone jewelry, but taking into consideration several aspects it shouldn't be a problem.

We all know that people - and especially women - have always been drawn to the beauty of vintage gemstone jewelry, seduced by its sparkle, elegance, and sophistication. Faced with a multitude of beautifully decorated jewels, it sometimes proves difficult to choose just one model.

The selection procedure should not only be made taking into consideration the specific design, but also the materials used, the craftsmanship, as well as the degree of compatibility with the wearer's features, such as his skin color for example.

In the case of more spiritual people, there is also a general concern regarding the compatibility between certain precious and semiprecious stones and the zodiac signs.

So how do you choose the perfect vintage gemstone jewelry for you? Criteria such as shade and symbolism can guide you on the right path, but there are other details to pay attention to before you buy.

How To Chose The Perfect Gemstone Vintage Jewelry

1. The Color Of Your Skin - Crucial Detail

First of all, you should choose the vintage gemstone jewelry piece you fancy according to your skin color. Because if you want the jewel you choose to compliment your beauty, it should be in harmony with your skin tone (cool, warm, or neutral).

Skin with a cool undertone is light in color, with a reddish or pink tinge, and is sensitive to the sun. White vintage gold jewelry is recommended for these women or men. Blue, violet, green, and turquoise are the shades that suit them best. So they can wear vintage gemstone jewelry with stones such as emerald, topaz, amethyst, tanzanite, aquamarine, or sapphire.
Skin with a warm undertone has a yellow or peach tint and tans more easily and evenly. Yellow vintage gold jewelry with precious and semi-precious gemstones is the ideal choice for women with warm undertones. As for the color of the gemstones, yellow, gold, orange, pink, and red are their favorites.

They can wear vintage jewelry with stones such as garnet, citrine, yellow topaz, or ruby. Neutral undertones are a combination of warm and cool. These women and men are the luckiest because any color suits them. So they can wear white, yellow, or rose gold vintage gemstone jewelry without any problems. Although they can enjoy the charm of any gemstone, the ones that compliment their skin are pastel shades: dusty pink, peach, vermilion, or pastel blue.

2. Vintage Gemstone Jewelry & The Zodiac Signs

If you are a horoscope enthusiast, then you can go with the stars when choosing vintage gemstone jewelry.

Whether you opt for rings, earrings, bracelets, or vintage gemstone necklaces, here's what your zodiac sign tells you.

Aries - ruby, and diamond for suppressing selfishness, passion in love, and banishing monotony

Taurus - emerald and sapphire for developing empathy, improving relationships, and controlling your own feelings
Gemini - citrine, and amber for relieving stress, overcoming anxiety, and boosting self-confidence

Cancer - emerald and pearls for guidance on the right path, peace of mind, and harmony with loved ones

Leo - amethyst, citrine, and onyx for taming pride, boosting self-confidence and perseverance
Virgo - sapphire, and amber for strengthening patience, flexibility, and peace of mind

Libra - tourmaline and jade for bringing harmony and strengthening relationships with loved ones

Scorpio - opal, and topaz for easing stubbornness, harmony, and creating new relationships or beneficial partnerships

Sagittarius - topaz, and peridot for harmony in life, bringing forgiveness and balance in life.  

Capricorn - amethyst, diamond, onyx, and tourmaline for wisdom and true love

Aquarius - aquamarine and turquoise for peace of mind and finding your way in life

Pisces - moonstone, amethyst, and pearls for creativity and clarity of mind

3. The Hidden Meaning Of Vintage Gemstone Jewelry

Another aspect you should take into consideration when choosing to buy vintage gemstone jewelry is its inner significance.

For example, there are accessories that soothe you, others that bring you good luck or give you the creativity and energy you need in a day. Each precious or semiprecious stone has a certain power, which is why some have been highly valued and sought after since ancient times.

Jewelry experts believe that precious and semi-precious gemstones have the power to bring about positive changes in the wearer's life.

Emerald stimulates memory, gives inner strength, and brings peace of mind.

Ruby gives energy, unlocks obstacles in the wearer's life, and invites self-knowledge.  

Sapphire attracts prosperity, stimulates intuition and learning, and is considered a stone of wisdom.

Topaz banishes fatigue, improves relationships with loved ones, and banishes depression.

Aquamarine is used for protection and healing energy.

Amethyst clears the mind of negative thoughts, relieves stress, and has healing power.

Citrine is associated with hope, joy, and faithfulness.  

Quartz helps concentration and memory and supports well-being.

So, before choosing vintage gemstone jewelry, it is important to identify what you are missing in your life and what you want to improve. That way you will harness the power of the stone and enjoy the benefits it offers while you wear it.  

Now that you are aware of all this information about how to choose the perfect vintage gemstone jewelry, you may have a clearer idea about what piece suits you better.

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