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Article: Vintage Kramer Jewelry - Timeless Perfection And Inspiration

Vintage Kramer Jewelry - Timeless Perfection And Inspiration - DSF Antique Jewelry
Kramer Jewelry

Vintage Kramer Jewelry - Timeless Perfection And Inspiration

The vintage Kramer jewelry pieces are timeless accessories sought after by collectors around the world. Such exquisite costume jewelry is hard to come by.

The jewels masterfully crafted by Kramer are pieces of history. Stay with us and explore the fascinating story behind them.

It all started in 1943, in  New York, when designer Louis Kramer founder "Kramer Jewelry Creations", alongside his two brothers - Morris and Henry. The company's jewelry pieces were of high quality and had the most fascinating designs.

With such original pieces, success was just around the corner. Buyers loved Kramer jewelry!

Vintage Kramer Jewelry - Glimpse Of History

The company designed and made both expensive jewelry, as well as cheaper accessories. Of course, the most luxurious and artistic costume Kramer pieces were true works of art. Nowadays, such vintage jewelry is even more precious and hard to find on the market!

Kramer created many quality pieces that had beautiful and extraordinary jewelry designs including those of flowers, insects, butterflies, crowns, turtles, birds, just to name a few.

The firm produced jewelry with an abundance of the highest quality Austrian rhinestones and crystals,  both transparent and colored, as well as gilded metal with black enamel, artificial pearls, imitation of rubies, emeralds, lapis lazuli, jade, turquoise, and pearls.

The "Kramer Jewelry Creations" collections are varied, from simple decorations to extremely extravagant ones. Many of these accessories had limited circulation and always best materials.

In the 1950s, the "Golden Look" was produced using gold plated metal and in the 1960s, the "Diamond Look" was produced using silver plating. Their designs were always innovative and excellently crafted.

Along the way, Kramer created fascinating pieces for jewelry houses such as DeLizza and Elster, Dan Kasoff Inc., which produces Florenza jewelry, and last but not least the famous Christian Dior.

Vintage Christian Dior By Kramer

The firm also produced jewelry for Christian Dior beginning in 1950 under the brand names "Kramer for Christian Dior" and "Dior by Kramer."

Many of these pieces are large blue or green stones, usually located in the middle of the jewelry work, surrounded by clear transparent rhinestones.

Of course, this vintage costume jewelry was more expensive than the rest of the jewels signed by Kramer.

Vintage Kramer Jewelry Hallmarks

It is important to note that the expensive Kramer jewels had stamps, while the cheap ones often only had paper labels with the name of the brand.

Since 1943 "Kramer Jewelry Creations" has used the Kramer brand, in 1948 the KRAMER PAT.PEND marking appeared.

The expensive pieces were generally marked as "KRAMER", "KRAMER of NEW YORK," "KRAMER OF N.Y.," or "KRAMER NEW YORK".

Since 1962, for some "pearl" jewelry Kramer used the marking "Perles de Lune".

"Kramer Jewelry Creations" ceased operations in the 1970s, so the exquisite vintage Kramer jewelry is today a collector’s dream. These pieces are rare and have a glorious history behind them.

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