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Article: Wedding Anniversary? Significance And Gift Ideas For Your Loved One

Wedding Anniversary? Significance And Gift Ideas For Your Loved One - DSF Antique Jewelry

Wedding Anniversary? Significance And Gift Ideas For Your Loved One

Every year of marriage has its significance, and that's usually the basis for choosing the right anniversary gift for your life partner.

In the tradition of many cultures, after the first year of marriage the "paper wedding" is celebrated, and after 75 years of marriage it's time to celebrate the "diamond wedding".

In this article, we will talk about the different types of wedding celebrations and we will also give you some ideas on the most appropriate gift to give to your life partner.

Marriage Celebrations And Gift Ideas

The Paper Wedding

As mentioned earlier, after the first year of marriage, the husband and wife celebrate a "Paper Wedding".

It is said that during this first year, the relationship between the two spouses is fragile and has to stand the test of time. The partners have to take care of each other so that the relationship does not break down.

Gifts in this case should be made of paper. So you can give your partner a love letter, a printed photo, your first love note, a shopping voucher, a plane ticket, a holiday voucher, a gym, theatre, or concert pass.

The Cotton Wedding

A cotton wedding is celebrated in the second year of marriage because cotton is stronger than paper. In other words, the relationship has become a little more mature.

When celebrating the cotton wedding anniversary, you can give your spouse cotton clothing, underwear, towels, or why not a very beautiful bed sheet.

The Leather Wedding

On the third wedding anniversary, the relationship between spouses has become more defined and is no longer as fragile.

For the leather wedding anniversary, you can give your partner leather items. A belt, a wallet, a branded bag, leather clothing, or fancy shoes. A diary or desk accessories containing leather items.

The Wedding of Flowers

Your fourth wedding anniversary is called the wedding of flowers. In other words, your relationship is shaping up beautifully like a blooming flower, shining in the sun.

On the occasion of the flower wedding anniversary, you can buy your wife her favorite bouquet, go on a romantic dinner, accompanied by rose petals and scented candles, and, why not, have a bubble bath with floral notes.

The Wooden Wedding

In their fifth year of marriage, the husband and wife are said to celebrate their wooden wedding. Why is that? Because wood is strong and flexible, but can burn easily. So is the relationship between the two spouses.

Ideas of gifts for the wooden wedding: a wooden frame, a holiday at a mountain cabin, wooden decorations, nature walks.

The Sugar / Iron Wedding

According to tradition, six years together in a marriage means the relationship is sweet as sugar and strong as iron, so the partners celebrate the sugar wedding.

The gifts the two partners are advised to give each other are cakes, but also iron tools, household appliances, or other objects made of sugar or iron.

The Wool Or Copper Wedding

Wool and copper are good conductors of heat, and so should the marriage of the two spouses who are celebrating seven years of marriage.

Wool or copper wedding gift ideas: scarves, socks, copper mugs, copper jewelry, wool sweaters.

The Bronze Or Clay Wedding

After eight years of marriage, the husband and wife celebrate the bronze or clay wedding. This is because clay is the material from which God created Adam. It is the symbol of fertility, and bronze stands for strength and stability, as should be the relationship of those celebrating eight years of marriage.

Bronze or clay wedding gift ideas: a clay vase or bronze figurine, a holiday at a clay-making camp, or a trip to the countryside in a clay house.

The Willow Wedding

The willow wedding is said to be celebrated after nine years of marriage, this is because the willow bends in the wind but does not break. After nine years, the marriage becomes more resilient, and spouses don't bend with the wind.

Willow wedding gifts ideas: a bouquet containing willow branches, a basket woven from willow, or a holiday in a place where there are willows along the water's edge.

The Tin Or Aluminum Wedding

Although tin or aluminum may not seem like two very important materials, a tin or aluminum wedding is a particularly important event and is celebrated after 10 years of marriage. This is also because aluminum has a special quality - it does not rust.

The anniversary of ten years of marriage is an important event that should be celebrated with great pomp.

What gifts should you give each other on this occasion? A vintage or antique cigarette case, a lighter, a clock, a card holder, or a cosmetic box, are all made of aluminum or tin.

The Steel Wedding

Steel is one of the most durable metals in the world, and so is the relationship of the couple celebrating 11 years of marriage.

Steel wedding gift ideas: keychains, jewelry, stainless steel cutlery, skates, luxury branded watches, cocktail shakers, steel ice cubes, and many other accessories and items containing this metal.

The Silk Wedding

Tradition says that a marriage that lasts 12 years is as precious as silk. The anniversary of 12 years of marriage shows that the relationship has gained importance and is precious.

Silk wedding gift ideas: handkerchief, tie, scarf, underwear, vintage or antique jewelry, a silk blouse, or other items containing silk.

The Lace Wedding

Lace represents elegance, beauty, and distinction, just like the relationship of those celebrating 13 years of marriage.

Lace wedding gift ideas: lace underwear, gloves, tablecloth, curtain, lace embroidered bed linen, lace covers, or other accessories.

The Ivory Wedding

Rare and precious, ivory has a gorgeous color, just like the shade the couple's relationship has taken on after 14 years of marriage.

Ivory wedding gift ideas: ivory jewelry, ivory items, a trip to the zoo, or a holiday in an exotic place where you can see elephants.

The Crystal Wedding

After 15 years of marriage, it is said that the relationship between the couple has become as sparkling and transparent as a crystal. So the couple celebrates the crystal wedding.

Suitable crystal wedding gifts would be decorations, tableware, glasses, ashtray, vase, crystal candle holders, wrist watch or pocket watches with crystal covers, Swarovski jewelry, or any jewelry with those white, and transparent stones.

The Porcelain Wedding

It is said that a couple celebrates the Porcelain Wedding on their 20th wedding anniversary. That's because porcelain symbolizes trust and devotion.

The couple celebrating two decades of life together have learned what respect and trust are.

What gifts should you give each other on the occasion of the porcelain wedding? Nothing could be simpler: a teapot and cups, a set of saucers, painted jewelry, a porcelain art clock, chandelier globes, a porcelain candlestick, or a trip to China, home of the finest porcelain.

The Silver Wedding

If you're celebrating a quarter of a century in your marriage, then you're celebrating the silver wedding. Silver is a precious metal that signifies wisdom and liveliness. These qualities have also been acquired by the couple who have been together for 25 years.

On this occasion, the couple will present each other with a silver wedding ring, which they will wear on their ring finger next to their gold ring for the rest of their lives.
Wedding Anniversary And Gift Ideas For Your Loved One
In addition, other silver jewelry, with or without precious or semi-precious stones, or other symbolic objects are also "allowed": a couple's photo or one with children in a silver frame, a watch, a pen, shirt cufflinks, and silver decorations.

The Pearl Wedding

Celebrating 30 years of marriage means celebrating the pearl wedding. What is its significance? Those who have been together for 30 years reap the fruits of their relationship. The couple is resistant to every test of time.

Gift ideas for the pearl wedding: pearl jewelry, pearl cufflinks, vintage and antique jewelry, or other pearl/silver-look objects (photo frame, framed mirror, paper knife), etc.

The Ruby Wedding

The ruby wedding is celebrated after 40 years of marriage, and its significance is linked to that of the precious gemstone. The ruby is the stone of courage and a symbol of everlasting relationships.

What are the right gifts for this special occasion? Ruby-colored flowers, ruby-encrusted jewelry (some traditions say that on wedding rings should be mounted as many rubies as the number of children the couple has), decoration of the house or restaurant where the anniversary wedding is held in ruby-red, a bottle of old wine or red champagne.

The Golden Wedding

At their 50th wedding anniversary, it is said that the spouses are celebrating their golden wedding. This is also because gold signifies wealth, warmth, and everlasting love.  

Gift ideas for a golden wedding: gold jewelry (vintage or antique), gold-blown silver cutlery, gold (or at least gold-plated) watch, scarf, tie, gold silk blouse, etc.

The Amethyst Wedding

After a long marriage lasting 60 years, the husband and wife celebrate their amethyst wedding. This is also because amethyst is associated with stability, vitality, and inner peace, qualities that have been proven by couples who have managed to endure for so long.

Gift ideas for amethyst wedding anniversary: any object to the taste of the spouses, but necessarily in shades of purple. And, of course, amethyst vintage or antique jewelry.

The Platinum Wedding

We have arrived at the platinum wedding, a special event that is celebrated when the couple has been married for 70 years.

Platinum is considered to be the most expensive and durable precious metal, making it the perfect choice to symbolize this anniversary.

Platinum wedding anniversary gifts: any platinum object, no matter how small, including jewelry.

The Diamond Wedding

It is said that on the 75th anniversary of a marriage, a couple celebrates their diamond wedding. The significance is not hard to guess.

The diamond is the precious gemstone with the highest hardness and derives its name from the Greek term "adamas", meaning 'unbeatable/indestructible'. Similar to the marriage that has come this far.

Diamond wedding anniversary gift ideas: a big party for all the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to attend. Family is the most important thing for a couple who have reached this age and the love of their loved ones is more precious than any diamond. But, it's of course no problem to buy your spouse a diamond jewelry piece.

We hope that you will all get to go through these wonderful stages in a couple's life.

So, what about you? How many years of marriage do you celebrate?

We invite you to try to find the right gift in our online store, whether it's gold, silver, wood, amethyst, or diamond jewelry. Our vintage or antique jewels, and accessories are of the highest quality and can make an unforgettable gift for your life partner.

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