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Article: What you Should Avoid When Wearing Vintage or Antique Bracelets

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What you Should Avoid When Wearing Vintage or Antique Bracelets

Even if you have an outstanding vintage or antique bracelet, if you don't wear it correctly, you will minimize its charm, or worst, you can even make a bad impression. So here is what you should take into consideration if you want to be sure that you will wear your bracelets correctly, in a way that highlights your outfit and natural beauty.

Do not wear your watch and bracelet on the same hand. According to the Cellini designers, this is especially so when you have a bracelet with a fine and elegant pattern that is much thinner than the watch, otherwise the bracelet, no matter how beautiful it is, will not stand out at all. Not to mention the fact that you risk damaging the bracelet if it gets caught in the buckle of the watch.
You should wear clothes that leave your wrist, and therefore your vintage or antique bracelet, visible. Although this is obvious, many women tend to neglect this basic fact. Don't wear a thin bracelet to a long-sleeved shirt, you won't want to roll up your sleeves just to see that your bracelet is there.

If you choose to wear multiple bracelets, you must make sure that they have common elements, or else the effect won't be good. You can choose any common element you want, whether it is the shade of the metal, the pattern, or a gemstone. But take into consideration the fact that it's best not to overload the look by adding too many vintage and antique bracelets. You can wear the combinations of multiple bracelets on one hand, and the watch on the other hand.


The shade of the bracelet should match the tone of your skin. You should choose your jewelry depending on what best suits your skin tone. You don't want your vintage and antique bracelet to make your hands look too mature or colorless.

The order in which you place your bracelets on your hand is important. If you opt for bracelets with pendants or precious stones, place them as close as possible to your wrist, preferably even the first one, to avoid loud noises or scratching of other bracelets. Also, make sure that they do not tangle with each other.

Never wear metal or gemstone bracelets next to other metal or gemstone bracelets, since the aesthetic effect of the combination is not at all optimum.


Do not wear heavy or very large bracelets if you carry out demanding activities or if you wear them for several hours, because they can become very uncomfortable or disturb you in your activities, even when doing simple things such as typing on your laptop.

These are some important aspects that you need to take into consideration if you want to properly wear your vintage and antique bracelets. And if you are looking for the perfect bracelet, you have come to the right place. We have gathered some of the most mesmerizing jewelry pieces on the market, that will truly make you shine like a princess. They are just a click away. Visit now our online shop and get amazed!

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