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Article: Where to Buy the Best Vintage and Antique Diamond Rings in 2022

Where to Buy the Best Vintage and Antique Diamond Rings in 2022 - DSF Antique Jewelry

Where to Buy the Best Vintage and Antique Diamond Rings in 2022

From the depths of the Earth to the most refined and exquisite jewelry: This is the journey of a diamond. It is the most precious gemstone of all time, the delight of all the famous jewelers in the world. So, if you are looking for a special unique treasure, you have come to the right place. Here you can buy the best vintage and antique diamond rings în 2021.

Since ancient times, diamond rings have been associated with certain special powers and have been the basis of many legends and myths.  Each ring has its own history and this history is expressed by the elements that compose it. 

The jewelry design of vintage and antique diamond rings will be inspired by the geometric shapes characteristic of their specific style, be it Victorian,  Edwardian, or Art Deco.

Why Diamonds?

No other gemstone conveys emotions as strong as diamonds. Diamonds are beautiful, mysterious, and rare, surviving a long journey of about three million years until they reach us.

Made entirely of carbon atoms, diamond is the hardest material on the planet, with unique qualities to reflect light, being the purest of all precious stones.  Its name comes from the Greek word "adamas" (meaning unconquerable, indestructible).


Diamonds were formed in the deep part of the planet's core, at temperatures of 1885 degrees Celsius, in the mass of metals in the molten state, at pressures of thousands of atmospheres. These conditions prevent the transformation of carbon into graphite and, at the same time, determines its crystallization in diamonds. 

After being mined, the rough diamonds are sent to the experts who process, classify and determine their value.

The supply of diamonds is limited by the increasingly difficult extraction, making them luxury jewelry, extremely valuable and rare. For a single one-carat diamond brought to the quality required for use in jewelry, approximately 250 tons of ore must be extracted from the mine and processed. Only 15% of the diamonds extracted from the depths of the earth are suitable for use in jewelry.

Starting from the 15th century, when the facets of precious stones began to be processed, diamonds stood out, both for their special beauty and unique characteristics.

Quality and Beauty are the Primary Aspects of Vintage and Antique Diamond Rings

The quality of the stone was determined by four criteria by De Beers jewelers. Beauty can also be measured by natural radiance.

In 1939, the famous De Beers jewelers created four universally recognized criteria for determining the qualities of these unique stones called diamonds. The 4Cs of diamonds are: Cut, Weight, Clarity, and Color.

During the grinding process, an average of 50% of the weight of the unpolished diamond is lost, the price increasing exponentially depending on the "4Cs".

Diamond cutting is the practice of shaping a rough diamond into a shining stone that reflects and refracts light, giving it brilliance. Aside from its natural beauty, the shape of the diamond is, without a doubt, extremely important. In the eyes of many famous jewelers, this aspect is the most important characteristic of the diamond.
Proper cutting is the key to enhancing the beauty and value of diamonds. The better they are cut, the higher their price will be.

There are many types of diamond cuts. All normally have 57 facets. The most famous diamond cut and also the most valuable is the round one. 

Diamond carat weight. The carat is the unit of measurement used for the weight of diamonds. The value of the stone will be determined based on this principle. 

One carat weighs 0.2 grams.

Of the 4 Cs, carat weight is probably the most important factor in terms of customer requirements, being generally the first aspect they are interested in.

Diamond clarity. This is a term used by gemstone experts to refer to the imperfections that a diamond may have, or în other words its degree of purity. Most of the extracted precious stones contain small imperfections, also called inclusions. The number, visibility, and quantity of these imperfections can be seen with the help of special magnifiers.

Specialists must also determine the quality of the diamond, and among the defects that it may have, we find the stains, as well as the points or inserts of other minerals that diminish its value. However, it is important to note that certain specific inclusions can, on the contrary, increase the value of a diamond.

Diamond colors. The most popular are the colorless diamonds, but Mother Nature has also offered mankind gremstones in all the colors of the rainbow. Light is the factor that gives the diamond shine, representing one of the main qualities of this precious stone.

The color classification to determine the category of the stone is given by alphabetical letters. For stones of exceptional quality, the letters D, E and F are used, D being the best, the rarest and, of course, the most expensive. The letters M to Z determine the value of colored diamonds.

The most common colors of diamonds are yellow and brown, and the colorless ones are the best known in the jewelry industry. The rarest colors are red and purple, as well as combinations of these two colors. The green and blue stones are extremely rare, especially the naturally colored ones.

Diamonds in fancy colors, unique, extremely rare, and very expensive, are not part of the standardized color scale. This category includes the famous blue (Hope), yellow-orange (Incomparable), green (Dresden), pink (from the Australian Argyle mine) or red (Hancock) diamonds.

Here, at DSF Antique Jewelry, we can offer you a glimpse of the everlasting splendor reflected by some of the most beautiful vintage and antique diamond rings on the market.

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