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Article: Why the Estate Antique & Vintage Jewelry Considered a Guarantee of Finesse Elegance & Quality


Why the Estate Antique & Vintage Jewelry Considered a Guarantee of Finesse Elegance & Quality

The estate, antique, and vintage jewelry are often preferred by those who are looking for a reminder of grace, elegance, and beauty. People of all ages are fascinated by their special, unique models made by hand piece by piece and with different techniques many of which have disappeared.

When you wear antique or vintage jewelry made of gold or platinum, with diamonds, sapphires, pearls, or semiprecious stones,  somehow it’s like you wear a piece of history with you. Often when you have the opportunity to admire an ancient jewel up close, nostalgia and admiration cross your mind, thinking: they are not doing any more such things nowadays!

Victorian Gold Necklace and Locket, an Antique 15K Yellow Gold Necklace 

antique victorian gold necklace locket


Indeed, the estate, antique, and vintage jewelry seems to become like a „message in a bottle” from the past, reminding us the values from before: beauty, elegance, grace, and quality.

For those who don’t know, it is important to stress the difference between „antique jewelry” and „vintage jewelry”: the jewels that are more than 100 years old are labeled „antique”, while those who are made 50–99 years ago are considered „vintage”.


Lucien Gautrait Art Nouveau 18K Gold Enamel & Sapphire Bracelet 

Lucien Gautrait Art Nouveau 18K gold enamel & sapphire bracelet

But, we must be aware that not all the time the jewelry sold like ‘old’ are also antique or vintage. They could be in fact new pieces, which have been treated to look ‘old or aged’, and that’s because the demand for such articles exceeds the supply. 

Antique Gold Diamond and Sapphire Cuff-Links


Buying estate, antique, and vintage jewelry is a long-term investment because their value could rise by the passing of time in the strong current of modernization and digitization in which humanity seems to have become more and more adept at disposable things.

So, if you are looking for a unique gift for yourself or for your loved ones, our shop is the right place where you can find in the same jewel a piece of history, beauty, quality, and uniqueness. 

And you know what? If you’ll get in love with some of the estate, antique or vintage jewels that you’ll find in our collections at DSF Antique Jewelry or collection antiques jewelry & vertu we’ll give you the chance to make an offer. Just check it out and tell us what you think. 

 Antique & Vintage Jewelry 

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