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Article: Your Good Fortune Gemstones According To Your Zodiac Sign

Your Good Fortune Gemstones According To Your Zodiac Sign - DSF Antique Jewelry

Your Good Fortune Gemstones According To Your Zodiac Sign

Do you know that each zodiac sign is associated with a specific precious metal and gemstone, that is said will bring the wearer good fortune?  

Whether we're talking about colors or gemstones, they all mean something to each person, they can bring out physical features, but also influence the wearer's mood and personality.

Emerald, ruby, pearls, or amber are among the most popular gemstones which, if worn, can positively influence the destiny of natives of certain zodiac signs. They emit beneficial energy and can bring the balance that the people who were them may need.

But it's all about finding out which is your good fortune gemstone depending on the zodiac sign you were born under.

The Zodiac Signs And Their Good Fortune Gemstones


Capricorn natives are people who love stability, and who want to feel free, at ease, to be able to be themselves.

Thus, Capricorns are advised to wear jewelry containing precious gemstones such as black pearls, onyx, ruby, and turquoise, which perfectly suit the stability of this zodiac sign.


The Aquarius native is dreamy, sensitive, and loves to be independent. He prefers to live by his own rules and usually ignores the opinions of others.

The jewelry pieces that suit him are those containing gemstones such as amethyst, sapphires, and turquoise, but the design should be simple.


About those born in the sign of Pisces, it is already known that they have rich imaginations and are very creative.

Jewellery containing the colors blue, and silver, is perfect for them. Amethyst and dark blue stones can bring out their true value, while aquamarine, moonstone, and turquoise are meant to support their creativity.

These are all gemstones that bring good fortune to the people born under this zodiac sign.


Full of boldness and courage, with a strong and extremely energetic nature, natives of this zodiac sign should wear jewelry containing amethyst and garnet, and the color that suits them best is red. It inspires passion.

In addition, Aries natives should also wear silver jewelry encrusted with ruby, which brings them good fortune and protects them from harm.

Taurus natives are passionate, lovers of beauty, wisdom, and luxury. Calm and friendly, Taurus natives are advised to wear jewelry containing crystals, emeralds or citrine to be surrounded by positive energies.

In general, they are best suited to wear stones in shades of yellow. They can also wear topaz and amber. Copper and silver bracelets encrusted with stones should not be missing from their jewelry box.


People born under the sign of Gemini are characterized by optimism and intelligence. For them, silver jewelry containing blue topaz, calcite, or green aventurine is indicated. It is said that they bring good fortune.

These lucky gemstones may help them get rid of negativity and dark thoughts.

Also, wearing a piece of purple-colored precious jewelry can change their mood and make them feel much more confident, whether it's a pendant or a necklace.


Those born under this zodiac sign are sensitive, fragile, romantic beings and are prone to suffering. To avoid this, Cancer should wear jewelry with rubies, emeralds, moonstones, and pearls.

Cancer has an emotional side, so for them, gold and silver jewelry is best suited.


The sign of Leo is considered to give people with extremely strong personalities, very concerned and eager to be in the spotlight and dominate.

Those born under this sign are recommended to wear gold jewelry containing diamonds, rubies, onyx, and also amber.


The Virgo native is proud, intelligent, and with a very well-developed critical sense. A Virgo native feels at his best when wearing sapphire and peridot jewelry.

In general, the Virgo natives need dark-colored jewelry combined with black gemstones or semi-precious stones. Purple ones are also a good choice for Virgos but it depends on one's taste.


People born under the sign of Libra love beauty, art, and justice. It is one of the most balanced of all the zodiac signs.

Gold or silver jewelry with gemstones such as topaz, amber, and aquamarine may convey to these natives security and confidence.

Jewelry with sapphire, peridot, agate, and moonstone is a great match for Libra natives, and these gemstones stimulate the intellect and hidden talents.


Passionate, elegant, and complicated, the Scorpio native is extremely vindictive, possessive, and stubborn. The most suitable jewelry for the Scorpio native is especially silver jewelry containing stones such as topaz, ruby, and amethyst.

But with his temperament, coral jewelry is also a good match.


Strong, generous, and full of humor, the Sagittarius native is best suited to wear jewelry containing topaz, sapphire, and ruby, gemstones that can help him escape some conflicts.

For the Sagittarius native, the most suitable color is blue. Thus, for a woman, earrings with blue topaz are perfect, making her feel optimistic and attractive.

What about you? Which sign are you? If you have found out which gemstone will bring you good fortune, it's the right moment to buy the perfect jewelry pieces from our store!  

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