Al Capone's Favorite Gun Put up for Auction

In a world where moral values are on a big downslide, gangsters are seen as superstars by many people, as confusing as it may sound. Some admire blindly such evil individuals, not distinguishing right from wrong, and virtue from vice.

This is why these evildoers have many fans, who are willing to pay a lot of money to collect items that belonged to them.

And this brings us to the next event recently reported by AFP news agency: Firearms belonging to Al Capone, one of the most famous gangsters in the world, will soon be put up for auction in California by his descendants.

Al Capone's favorite weapon - a Colt 45 pistol - is one of 174 lots put up for sale, which includes family photos, a letter sent by the gangster from his cell in Alcatraz Prison to his son, as well as the bed the gangster shared with his wife in their luxurious Florida villa.
Al Capone's favorite weapon - a Colt 45 pistol
The collection, which will be put up for sale on October 8, in Sacramento, is organized by Witherell's auction house. These items come from the legacy Al Capone left in 1947 to his widow, Mae Capone, which in turn she left to their only son, Sonny.

Al Capone was a Monster

Al Capone was one of the most formidable underworld leaders of the 1920 Prohibition period, during which the production and sale of alcohol were officially banned in the United States.

The leader of the Chicago Outfit gang, Al Capone, nicknamed "Scarface," sowed terror in that American city through his network of thugs and his extremely violent methods, such as the "Valentine's Day Massacre," during which he executed seven members of a rival gang in 1929.

Despite all the police officers sent after him - including the famous Eliot Ness - the gangster could never be tried and convicted for his violent crimes, but only for tax fraud, which led to an 11-year prison sentence. Al Capone spent part of that sentence on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay.

The Owners are the Gangster's Grandchildren

The Witherell's auction house believes that the Colt pistol that belonged to Al Capone could be sold for 150,000 dollars, and another one of his firearms could be purchased for between 30,000 - 60,000 dollars.

Among the items on sale are a platinum Patek Philippe luxury pocket watch decorated with diamonds, as well as various monogrammed jewelry with Al Capone's initials.

The current owners of these objects are the gangster's nieces, Diane and Barbara Capone.

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