Astronaut Buzz Aldrin's Jacket Worn On The Moon Sold For Sky-High Price

The jacket astronaut Buzz Aldrin wore during his historic flight to the moon in 1969 has been sold at auction for nearly 2.8 million dollars.

The famous jacket was sold by Sotheby's and becomes the most valuable American space artifact ever under hummer at an auction.

Bidding for the item lasted for almost 10 minutes before it went to an unidentified bidder over the phone, according to Sotheby's which handled the sale.

Moon Jacket Sold For An Enormous Amount

Aldrin, now 92 years old, wore this jacket during the flight to the moon. He changed it only to put on the pressurized suit to swap into a pressure suit for stepping onto the lunar surface itself.

Adorned with a US flag and Nasa logo, the jacket was manufactured out of a fire-resistant material known as Beta cloth.

The jacket was one of 69 personal belongings that the 92-year-old has decided to put up for sale. Other personal belongings also put up for auction by Aldrin include a broken circuit breaker switch and the black felt-tip pen the astronaut used to fix it with quick thinking - preventing the crew from becoming stranded on the Moon.

In total, items from the astronaut's personal collection sold for $8.2m.

Aldrin and Neil Armstrong became the first astronauts to walk on the moon on July 20, 1969. The third crew member, Michael Collins, remained aboard the space shuttle.

An estimated 650 million people worldwide watched the moment on television.

After spending more than 21 hours on the Moon, Aldrin and Neil Armstrong then returned to the Apollo mission and changed back into their in-flight jackets, which he described as "much more comfortable" in a note accompanying the item.

The mission's flight plan, with which the astronauts traveled into space, was purchased for 819,000 dollars.

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