Celebrities Who Regret Their Tattoos. Famous Cases

There are many cases of people - including celebrities, - that regret having done their tattoos. Here is a list of several famous cases.

It's true that, when you get a tattoo, it's quite easy to make a rash decision that you regret later. A lot of celebrities have fallen into this trap and subsequently done their best to get rid of their body tattoos. Some celebrities have had them lasered off, when this was possible, while others have covered them up with make-up.

Permanent tattoos, as the name says, are intended to stay with you for life, and you have a problem when you don't like them anymore, or worse, when their message no longer suits you. For some stars, permanent tattoos seemed like a great idea initially, but life has shown them that they're better off thinking twice before getting them.

Either they didn't choose the right tattoo artist, or the message of their tattoos didn't fit afterward, or they simply became unsightly for them, these five stars presented below by "Click for Women" did their best to get rid of some of their tattoos.

Angelina Jolie Got A Tattoo With Her Ex-husband's Name

In the early 2000s, when Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton were together, she dedicated a tattoo to her ex-husband as a token of her love.

Angelina got the tattoo on her left shoulder and it depicted a dragon, Asian style, with the name "Billy Bob" written above it.

Angelina Jolie Got A Tattoo

After she got rid of Billy, Angelina Jolie covered her tattoo with the coordinates of her children's birthplaces.

Ryan Reynolds Hates His Tattoos

Actor Ryan Reynolds has several tattoos on his body, but he's not proud of them at all. He greatly regrets getting them and would do anything he can to get rid of them, but is sensitive to the pain caused by laser technology.

Ryan Reynolds His Tattoos

In an interview, Ryan said he "hates them all". The famous Hollywood celebrity explained that he would laser them all out if he didn't have to endure hours and hours of brutal pain.

Ryan Reynolds said that his wife says he has to keep them so "I have the choices I've made in evidence".

The Ugly Tattoo Of Pamela Anderson

In 1995, former "Baywatch" star Pamela Anderson got a tattoo of barbed wire around her left arm.

The Ugly Tattoo Of Pamela Anderson

Over time, Pamela regretted her choice, and 19 years later, she decided to remove the famous tattoo. Pamela said the tattoo became "really, really ugly" as she got older.

Heidi Klum Regrets Her Seal Tattoo

Model Heidi Klum got a tattoo on her right hand to celebrate her fourth wedding anniversary with her ex-husband, singer Seal.

Heidi Klum Regrets Her Seal Tattoo

This decision she later regretted as Heidi and Seal divorced in 2014 and she had the tattoo removed.

Melanie Griffith Made A Tattoo For Antonio Banderas

During her marriage to Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith had a heart tattooed on her arm, with her husband's name written inside. A year after the couple divorced in 2015, the sign of their love disappeared from Melanie's arm.

Melanie Griffith Made A Tattoo For Antonio Banderas

The actress first used makeup to hide it, but later the body art was removed with lasers.

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