Dior Accused Of Copying The Design Of A Centuries-Old Chinese Skirt

Dior is facing outrage after representatives of China's fashion industry have accused the famous fashion house of appropriating the design of a skirt from ancient Chinese culture.

The pleated wool and mohair skirt (pictured above) - launched by Dior in the 2022 collection - is being compared to a historic Chinese garment known as a "mamianqun", or "horse-faced skirt", despite being described by the French fashion house as an "iconic Dior silhouette", reports CNN.

Several Chinese organizations boycott the luxury brand's stores.

Dior Is Accused Of Copying The Design Of A Popular Chinese Skirt

Chinese social media users - and protesters outside one of the luxury brand's Paris stores - claim the 3,800 dollars Dior skirt is inspired by centuries-old traditional Chinese clothing (pictured below).
Dior Accused Of Copying Design Old Chinese Skirt
Dior Accused Copying Design Of A Centuries-Old Chinese Skirt

The controversy began earlier this month, with Chinese netizens and media accusing the Dior luxury brand of not acknowledging the alleged inspiration behind its design. They claimed that Dior had "shamelessly" presented the skirt as an original creation.

Horse-faced skirts date back to the Song dynasty, which began more than 1,000 years ago, although they were popularised among women during the late Ming and Qing dynasties. The design features pleated sides and openings in both the front and back, making the garments suitable for riding.

The skirts are often worn by members of China's growing "Hanfu" subculture, along with other outfits similar to the clothes traditionally worn by ethnic Han Chinese before the Qing dynasty. The "Hanfu" Movement is a cultural movement seeking to revitalize Han Chinese fashion that developed in China since the beginning of the 21st century.

The Dior skirt is part of its fall 2022 collection, which the brand described as a "fascinating exploration of the past, present, and future".

The item is no longer available for purchase on the fashion house's website.

According to the Global Times, which spoke to several of the protesters, future demonstrations are planned by Chinese students abroad in London and New York.

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