Fabulous Discovery: The Largest Gold Treasure Ever Found In Britain

The largest treasure ever found in Britain containing 131 gold coins and four other objects of the same precious metal was discovered in east England.

Discovered in a field in the western Norfolk region of eastern England, the treasure dates back to around 610 AD and was brought to light after a single gold coin was discovered in 1991.

The other valuables came out between 2014 and 2020, and most of the precious items were discovered by a single treasure detectorist. The exact location was not being disclosed because the landowner asked to remain anonymous.

According to BBC News, part of the rare gold collection was not known to experts, and another part was known only from a book from 1666, but which has disappeared.

The Largest Gold Treasure In Britain

"The discovery is extremely important, being the largest hoard of gold coins from the known period to the present," said Gareth Williams, curator of medieval coins at the British Museum.

In addition to gold coins, the ancient treasure contains other objects, such as a pendant, an ingot, and two other pieces of gold, that probably were part of some jewelry, all made of gold.

"The treasure is a significant discovery of international importance, reflecting the richness and continental ties enjoyed by the early Eastern Kingdom of England," said curator Tim Pestell of Norwich Castle.

The coins are mostly francs, as well as nine coins known as "solidus", but also a larger one from the Byzantine Empire, according to Express.

Norwich Castle Is A "Gold Mine" For Archeologists

Norwich Castle is hoping to get the "internationally significant" hoard for their collection.

The region where the coins were discovered is one of the most productive in terms of finds of archaeological treasures with the help of metal detecting apparatus.

The previous largest hoard of coins was a purse containing 101 coins, and was discovered in 1828, at Crondale in Hampshire, and may originally include more coins.

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