Frank Sinatra's Iconic House has Been Put up for Sale

Frank Sinatra's iconic home has been put up for sale. What does the home of one of the greatest Hollywood superstars look like now?

According to The Times, the extraordinary house of the American singer Frank Sinatra from Chatsworth, California - that hosted the biggest Hollywood names of the time - was put up for sale for an astonishing 21.5 million dollars, The Times reports.

Few homes have such a rich history: the house, nicknamed "Byrdview Estate", was built in 1949 and is just one of a small number of private homes designed by the world-famous architect William Pereira.

Known for his futuristic style, William Pereira's portfolio also includes the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco or the Los Angeles Art Museum.

The property was created for Dora Hutchinson, the heiress of the Chase Manhattan banking empire (now known as JP Morgan Chase), who rented it to Frank Sinatra.

The legendary American singer lived in the house for over a decade in the 1950s and 1960s, a period considered the most prolific of his career.

Frank Sinatra's House is, of Course, Extremely Luxurious

The house has seven bedrooms and no less than nine bathrooms, its own swimming pool, an outdoor jacuzzi. The access is made through an alley of almost five kilometers.

The property also benefits from 100 parking spaces for the artist's many distinguished guests.

The house of Frank Sinatra also includes a gym, a massage room, and a sauna.

Here's how the futuristic house of the brilliant singer looks like after some changes were made to upgrade it:
Photo Source: MLS / Planet / Profimedia Images
Frank Sinatra's iconic house has been put up for sale

Frank Sinatra iconic house has been put up for sale

Frank Sinatra's iconic house has been put for sale

Frank Sinatra's Pool House

Frank Sinatra Iconic House

Frank Sinatra gym room

Frank Sinatra's Iconic House 2

 Frank Sinatra's Iconic House Been Put up for Sale

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