Good News For Multi-Millionaires: World's Largest Yacht Is Selling Luxury Condos

With an impressive length of almost 222 meters, Somnio will be the largest residential yacht in the world by both length and volume when it launches in 2024.

But how does a luxury apartment aboard Somnio actually look like? Interior renderings of the $US600 million vessel have just been unveiled, offering a glimpse inside the world's largest yacht.

All 39 floating luxury apartments - with prices starting from $ 11 million -  will have a private balcony or terrace, and are fully customizable. A personal kitchen, gym, a library, inside/outside dining spaces, and distinct dressing areas are all potential features.
Good News Multi-Millionaires: World's Largest Yacht Is Selling Luxury Condos
The luxury condos have an area of ​​over 400 square meters. The largest condo is 981 square meters large and will take up most of the top deck.

Who Will Build Somino, The World's Largest Yacht?

Somnio, which means "to dream" in Latin, was designed by Winch Design and Tillberg Design of Sweden. The builder is the Norwegian company VARD. The interior renderings were devised by Winch Design, Tillberg Design of Sweden, and Luttenberger Design.
Multi-Millionaires: World's Largest Yacht Is Selling Luxury Condos
The cost of the project is estimated at approximately $593 million upon its completion and is overseen by Somnio co-founder Capt. Erik Bredhe, who previously oversaw "The World" - currently the only residential vessel at sea.

"The World has been a phenomenal success, though it is time for true superyacht co-ownership," Capt. Erik Bredhe, who is now embarking on a new vision for luxurious living on the ocean, told The Post.

Who Can Have A Condo On The World's Largest Yacht?

Those who will buy a condo on Somnio will get to work with one of the design teams for up to three months in order to "decide the room configurations and select the materials, furniture, lighting, and artwork." The future owners may opt for shell-shaped beds, expansive living areas with ocean views, and a wall of mirrors, CNN reports.
World's Largest Yacht Is Selling Luxury Condos For Multi-Millionaires
Somnio designers say that customers will have the same level of luxury offered by 7-star hotels. The identity of the owners will be kept secret, with the chance to buy one of the apartments coming by invitation or referral only.

"Somnio will be the only residential superyacht in the world. Owners will share a truly unique lifestyle at sea, with a hand-picked crew and a never-ending global itinerary of carefully selected destinations and experiences befitting a yacht of this nature," Somnio designers say.

The luxury condo owners will have access to a 10,000-bottle capacity wine cellar and tasting room, a choice of restaurants and bars, an onboard beach club featuring water-sports facilities, a spa, and a movie theater.
World's Largest Yacht Is Selling Luxury Condos News
World-class medical care will also be available on the yacht and the onboard safety standards will be premium, too. Full concierge services will be available for both at-sea and land-based needs.
Somnio yacht being built using the latest clean yacht engine technology
Residents will be charged an annual fee to cover expenses like maintenance and repairs, along with fuel and food.

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