Historic Bridge To Be Dismantled To Allow The Passage Of Jeff Bezos' Yacht

Multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos's luxury superyacht is so big that a historical Dutch bridge must be dismantled to allow its passage. It's that big!

Rotterdam city hall announced, on Wednesday, that a historic bridge in the Dutch port city will be temporarily dismantled to allow the passage of a giant yacht built for former Amazon Group CEO Jeff Bezos, local media reported, according to AFP.

The legendary 1878 bridge, repaired after it was bombed in 1940 during World War II, sits far too low over a canal to allow the passage of the billionaire's luxury yacht, says the Dutch media in Rotterdam.

Jeff Bezos's Luxury Yacht Is Worth A Fortune

Almost 500 million dollars to be more specific. It's one of the most amazing yachts in the world, and it will be ready soon. It was commissioned by the billionaire in 2018.

The shipbuilder has asked Rotterdam City Hall to temporarily dismantle the bridge so that the luxury yacht can pass under it after the central section of the bridge is removed.

"It is the only route to the sea," explained a spokeswoman for Rotterdam City Hall, who said the cost of the operation would be paid for by the shipping company building the yacht.

The City Hall Approved The Decision

Jeff Bezos's yacht is currently being built in Alblasserdam, near Rotterdam, and is due to pass under the Koningshavenbrug bridge this summer, whose width is far too low for the ship's three masts.

The Dutch city council has agreed to dismantle the bridge, although it promised after a major renovation in 2017 that it would never dismantle the structure, also known to Rotterdam residents as "De Hef".

The local municipality said that when making the new decision it took into account the economic importance and jobs created for the construction of the ship while giving assurances that the bridge would be returned to its current form.

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