Hundreds of Works By Famous Jeweler Carl Fabergé Exhibited In London

"Fabergé in London: Romance and Revolution" is an exhibition devoted to the international prominence of the legendary master jeweler Carl Fabergé.

More than two hundred works by Carl Fabergé, the genius master goldsmith behind the famous Russian jewelry house, will be on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

The Faberge House symbolizes Russian craftsmanship, luxury, and elegance - an association further strengthened by its connection to the romance, glamour, and tragedy of the Russian Imperial family.  It is one of the greatest jewelry houses in all of history.

"Fabergé in London: Romance and Revolution" is divided into three main sections and explores Carl Fabergé's extraordinary talents and Anglo-Russian relationship which saw the opening of a London Faberge branch in 1903.

The Fabergé Exhibition In London Is Outstanding

The London exhibition includes the largest exhibition of the legendary "Fabergé eggs" - a total of 15 - many of which are being shown in the United Kingdom for the first time.

The exhibition focuses on the Anglo-Russian nature of Fabergé business, with the only branch outside Russia opened in London in 1903.

Members of royal families, aristocrats, businessmen, American heiresses, exiled Russian Grand Dukes, Maharajas, and worldly personalities of the time turned to Fabergé to buy luxury gifts. His creations were as popular in Britain as they were in Russia.

In addition to the famous eggs, the exhibition features a wide variety of jewelry, such as tiaras, animal figurines, and cigarette cases.

"Fabergé in London: Romance and Revolution" will be open between November 20, 2021, and May 8, 2022.

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